Gun Grabbers Silence on Paris Shooters

I’ve read many viewpoints about last month’s attack in Paris by jihadis, but one viewpoint I haven’t seen is a good explanation about where they got the guns. Contrast that to the US where it seems every shooting that makes headlines always ends up with Obama making a speech with the line “we must do something” about guns in the US. The liberals then gleefully try to paint every gun owner as the shooter’s accomplice.

France has some of the strictest gun controls in the world yet these laws haven’t stopped jihadis from getting a hold of fully automatic AK-47s (a very rare item here in the USA). It’s not just last month’s attacks. The attack a few months ago thwarted on a French train by American soldiers on vacation was with a jihadi wielding an AK-47. The Charlie Hebdo massacres and the Jewish Delicatessen massacres also were done by men with full auto AK-47s.

Gun owners have said that if you take guns away from legal gun owners only criminals will have guns and France is proof of that. Meanwhile the American gun-grabbing Left has moved on and is positively giddy over the so-called “Planned Parenthood Attack” (in which oddly enough no one at PP was killed). They now can demonize legal gun owners with impunity while ignoring the inconvenient truth of the abject failure of gun control in France to protect the French people.

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Booking Flights

Just days after returning from Rome we’ve already begun planning for our next trip to Europe. I remember twenty-five years ago planning trips to Africa and Asia, doing the “hard travel” while I was young, and intentionally leaving Europe for when I was older. Now that time has arrived, and I am determined to enjoy staying in comfortable places, leaving the nights spent on the decks of lake steamers or in kimchi dens and nomiya as memories.

But in some ways travel has gotten harder. Sure the destinations we are picking like Ireland and Rome are much more suited for middle class, middle aged folk like us, but getting there is almost tougher today than traveling to Dar es Salaam was 25 years ago. And in surprising ways.

Take for example booking a flight. Today with the Internet and dozens of travel websites booking a flight should be easy, and it is – if cost or time aren’t issues. In 1991 I exchanged emails with a travel agent that specialized in Japanese air tickets. I spent about 30 minutes total and had a round trip ticket booked from San Diego to Osaka for $630.

This past weekend the Wife spent about 2 hours bouncing from one travel site or airline website to another, trying to find flights to Europe that didn’t break the bank or involve 16 hour layovers in Chicago for less than $1300. When she did find something, she looked at the available seats and discovered the fare was only for seats in the middle of the plane. Aisle seats and window seats were $60 more each leg of the trip. Adding that up for the two us made our tickets to Ireland from the East Coast close to $1,500 each. The ex-Navy enlisted Wife let out a string of sailor “language” that could peel paint, ending with the plaintive cry “How can the airlines get away with that?”

Competition, I said, or lack thereof. While the international market is relatively deregulated, American law prevents foreign carriers from flying domestic routes. This situation is made worse by the creation-by-merger of three mega-carriers within the USA. The result of that lack of competition is a textbook example of what happens when monopolies appear: prices rise and service declines. US carriers like that of course, which is why they have fought the European push to open the US market. Yes, the “Euroweenie socialists” are pushing the “capitalist running dog Americans” to free our markets. Of course the crony capitalists like United and American airlines won’t give up so easily, so until they do we will suffer with rude airline attendants, overpriced flights and shrinking seats. But maybe it’s time to forget our “freedom fries” (and honestly, after what happened in Paris, it definitely is time) and support our European cousins to save us from the American carriers (suggested American Airlines motto: “We suck but we don’t care.”)

The Byzantine booking systems on the Internet have resurrected a dying profession: travel agents. In fact for the first time in about 20 years we plan to visit one to book our next vacation. We’ll gladly pay someone to find us the flights that fit our needs and our budget and skip the frustration.

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On Rome

I’ve recently returned from a long vacation in Rome Italy, a city that I had never been to and had only seen through the eyes of the great historians Suetonius, Livy and Cassius Dio. Recently I’ve become an otaku on all things ancient Roman, so it was easy for me to spend time walking in a city where every few minutes a piece of that history comes into view. Sure the major attractions like the Colosseum and the Forum are impressive, but so are smaller sites like the Theater of Marcellus, an ancient Roman amphitheater capped by Renaissance era apartments, and the Largo di Torre Argentina, ruins of 4 ancient temples that host a no-kill cat shelter.

While not an overpowering presence, Italian soldiers stood every few blocks bearing holstered Beretta 92FS sidearms and SCAR 17 automatic rifles. A fan of both weapons I resisted the urge to tell them how much I particularly love the Beretta line of weapons. Given their no-nonsense appearance it was clear to all, even idiot foreigners like me, that they were there for a purpose and were fully trained in executing their mission well.

But as I walked through the large crowd in St. Peter’s Square or the throngs the crowded between the Colosseum and the Forum, I knew danger wasn’t far away. Islamic State is as far away from Rome as Dallas is from New York City, and the chaos of Libya is only a short boat ride away. The security of Rome struck me as very fragile, and the government ill-prepared for the onslaught rising on not-so-distant shores. For 500 years Ancient Rome had no walls, and it was illegal to station soldiers within its boundaries. Instead the security of Rome was guaranteed by its legions stationed at the frontiers of its empire. The presence of the well-armed and trained soldiers was meant to assure visitors like me, but instead it made me realize just how endangered the city is.

Two days after my return the jihadis struck Paris.

I haven’t been to Paris, and really had no urge. For most of my life the contemporary French have struck me as a bunch of spoiled slackers. Over the past 14 years I have written several essays critical of the free-loading French, but the attacks weren’t on the French. They were on Civilization, the one that Augustus Caesar helped lay the foundation of, the one that so many Leftist intellectuals take for granted.

Fourteen years of living in a post-911 world and Civilization feels more under threat than ever. Rome was sacked in 410, 135 years after the Emperor Aurelian surrounded the city with walls. I’ve often wondered what the Romans must have felt as they remembered their former greatness and reveled in their past accomplishments but knew, instinctively knew that Darkness was closing in on them fast. The loss of allies, the presence of soldiers within the cities, the gradual decline in the power and pride of being “Roman”. With each passing day it must have seemed that society was getting more fractured, more incoherent and ultimately more disturbed.

I now have a pretty good idea.

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Hillary Is Going to Miss

Liberal writer Doug Henwood is under fire for the cover of his book “My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency”. According to the MSNBC article Salon editor Joan Walsh and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett called the cover by Sarah Sole “Gross.” In one of his Twitter posts Lovett sarcastically writes, “It’s going to really disappoint the right wingers who buy (the book).”

Here’s the cover in question.
Hillary Shoots and Misses the Presidency

Speaking as a “right winger” who won’t buy the book, the first thing that struck me about this cover was how badly drawn it was. Although Sarah Sole is a Hillary fan, “I love Hillary Clinton, I support Hillary Clinton, I very much want her to be president,” she has managed to make Hillary look even older than she is, with the ashen faced look I associate with the perpetual “5 o’clock shadow” illustrators used to show on Nixon’s face when they caricatured him. The Hillary in Sole’s illustration also needs a bra – badly. Far from appearing “pulpy and sexy” as Sole claims, Hillary looks ill, decrepit and about a dozen years older.

Sole’s talent also fails with Clinton’s eyes. I assume Sole meant to have Hillary staring directly out of the cover and at the viewer in order to illicit an emotional response, like “hey, this woman is pointing a gun at me.” Instead the eyes don’t quite connect, and it appears to me that she is looking somewhere over my right shoulder.

The gun is even more badly drawn. I suppose Sole being a typical liberal didn’t have access to a revolver to point at a mirror and see what the thing looks like from the “business end.” Since the typical liberal believes only guns kill people, merely holding one makes one an accessory to murder, so it’s not like she had one to use as a reference. And given the hatred liberals have for them, walking into a gun shop to actually hold a gun would be the equivalent of a pro-lifer walking into an abortion clinic to hold a vacuum pump, so I guess it’s no surprise it’s so poorly rendered. The trigger guard is drawn as it would be if the gun were pointed directly at the viewer, but the further you move away from that the worse the drawing becomes. The barrel isn’t even pointed in the same direction as the trigger guard, and like Clinton’s eyes, appears to point above the viewer’s right shoulder. And what’s that below the hand grip? Is that Hillary’s saggy forearm skin? Ewww… Are they absolutely SURE the artist isn’t a Republican?

If a gun existed as drawn by Sole and Hillary fired it, it could blow up in her hand, although the way the gun looks melted it’s likely to not fire at all. But if it did fire and it didn’t blow up, it would hit high and left from Hillary’s perspective.

Below is a target used to help shooters improve their accuracy. According to it, Hillary is anticipating recoil, pushing or no follow through.

Given how long Hillary has been running for the Presidency it’s no surprise she would have anticipation issues. I’m sure she saved the White House drape measurements from her stint as First Lady. And “no follow through” is an apt description of her handling of Libya. Like most marksmanship problems Hillary could work through her issues with training and practice, and the illustration makes it clear she needs both if what she’s “shooting at” is the Presidency.

Unfortunately for Clinton, guns are only tools that are as accurate as the person using them. If Clinton really wanted to improve her shooting here’s what she needs to do.

While the revolver is simpler, for accuracy I would recommend a semi-automatic handgun like a Glock. When you pull the trigger of the revolver your muscles have to turn the chamber into line with the barrel and pull the hammer back. With a semi-automatic pistol all your finger muscles have to do is release the firing pin (assuming you have charged the gun first by pulling the slide back.) Since movement is minimized semi-auto handguns are much more accurate as a result.

And that stance… What is she doing, mugging the presidency? The gun is held too low and is unlikely to hit whatever Hillary is looking at. She should hold it much higher so that her line of sight goes down her arm and between the sights of the gun. Plus the way she is holding it is making it much easier for the Presidency to disarm her. To avoid that I would recommend she used the Modified Weaver Stance pictured below. It’s much more stable and improves accuracy while at the same time protects the shooter.

Next I would spend a lot of time at the range, preferably with a good instructor. Given her wealth I’m sure she could hire one of the best trainers around, and time spent with him at the range would vastly improve her accuracy. Of course since she’s already surrounded by top shots carrying an assortment of semi and fully automatic weapons, Clinton doesn’t need to learn to shoot well, just like she hasn’t needed a driving license for 20 years. But hey who knows? Maybe if she spent as much time around firearms and legal gun owners as she does demonizing them she might become a better person. At her age I doubt it, but I suppose anything is possible.

The bottom line? If Reality mirrors this fantasy Hillary is going to miss the Presidency, likely by setting her expectations of the Left too high, missing the center.

Now if we could only get the GOP to shoot straight…

Holiday In Islamic State

Sung to the jaunty tune “Holiday In Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedys.

So you’ve been at school
For a year or two
You’ve learned all you need to know
white liberal guilt
Multiethnic quilt
A Safe Space where you need to go.

Write black lives bleed
on your twitter feed
with your three grand Macbook Pro
Claiming that you’re pissed
Cuz the Muslims got dissed
By the Jews in Jericho.

It’s time to taste what you most fear
Hate speech codes won’t help you here
Brace yourself, my dear…

It’s a Holiday in Islamic State
The Caliphate sure looks slick
It’s a Holiday in Islamic State
Don’t forget your selfie stick.

You’re a small minded bitch
You whining cuz your rich
You want everyone to think like you
Demand trigger warnings
for overprotected darlings
While your profs get richer off you.

Well you’ll cry harder
with a knife at your neck
facing Mecca as you pray
Killed by soldiers
on video
two hundred likes as of today.

Now you can go where people coexist
Now you can join the ISIS mailing list.
What you need my son…

Is a Holiday in Islamic State
Where people dress in black
A holiday in Islamic State
Suicide bomb attack!

Ji – had, Ji-had, ji-had….

And it’s a Holiday in Islamic State
Where you’ll kill who you’re told
A holiday in Islamic State
Bomb the Jews in Jericho.
Car bomb
For what it’s worth I found a Karaoke version of this song and tried it out. I swear my dogs rolled on the floor laughing and I blew out my voice for the day. Oh well. Punk’s not dead in my heart.

Oh, and here’s my attempt at American Idiot by Green Day, redone as American Infidel. Guess I’m good for a punk song every 10 years.

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Why Jews Hate Israel

I’ve wondered why anti-Semitic groups on the Left have been populated by Jews for a very long time. Joshuapundit explains it.

At this point, after the Iran deal and numerous other related doings by this president a few of these Jews are finally getting the message, now when it’s too late. But many aren’t, for the reasons I mentioned. Nor will they, and there’s little reason to make the effort to change their minds or to worry overmuch over the fact. The Useful Idiots still exist, and many of them will remain their own worst enemies, as always. Think of it as sort of a Jewish Stockholm Syndrome.

Question answered. Thanks JP.