About Me

Scott Kirwin, with hair

I am a parent, devoted husband, and pet owner. I am an atheist/agnostic who believes that those who follow religion should be left in peace as long as they return the favor. I am a libertarian who thinks that a pair of men or women can’t possibly do as much damage to the “institution” of marriage that men and women together have done. I am a Democrat by birth but Republican by choice because I want to grind my nation’s enemies into the dust rather than understand them.

I am a Conservative who believes in conservation. I believe that areas of the wilderness should be protected completely from Man’s intrusions, while others should be managed – and to achieve the former money should be spent to purchase the land, not steal it through eminent domain laws. If environmentalists want to save a species, they should buy the land it sits on and station gun-toting guards at the perimeter of their land.

I am both pro-choice and pro-life. I believe that abortion is murder, but that some killings are unavoidable. I believe that while some women may have abortions the way others get their nails done, Government is incapable of understanding the circumstances of every woman who needs one and shouldn’t be the arbiter of who gets an abortion and who doesn’t. How can those of us who don’t want government telling us what to do with our land demand that it tell a woman what she must do with her body? A woman has to bear her decision to kill or not on her conscience; that is a decision that should be left between her and her God. The government has no place in that decision.

I have seen natural selection in action first-hand , and view Darwin’s theory of evolution to be the greatest single scientific advance in history. I have participated in chimpanzee research in Africa, and on my first day in the field witnessed a group of chimps tree a troop of red colobus monkeys, filling the air with the smell of blood and entrails as they captured, killed and ate 11 baby monkeys.

I have actively fought outsourcing and labor dumping, but I still believe in the power of free markets. I have fought alcoholism and believe that sometimes a drunk needs a good kick in the pants to step on the road to recovery. I am an ex-smoker who believes that a lungful of tar & nicotine here or there doesn’t warrant completely exiling smokers from society.

I have lived in and traveled in Tanzania and Kenya. Although I am American born and raised in the suburbs, I feel more comfortable among the people of Tanzania than I do in most of the places I live and work in America.

I have lived and worked in Japan. Although I deeply respect that nation’s history and culture, modern Japanese society is in desperate need of group therapy – as proven by the dead woman I witnessed get pulled from under the train she had leapt in front of. I’ll never forget the thin gold watch that she had used to time the moment of her death laying on her limp arm.

I am not Jewish but I am a strong supporter of the state of Israel. I believe the Palestinians had their chance for peace in 2000 but they chose war instead. I don’t weep over the predicament they find themselves in as a result of their decision.

I am an amateur historian who builds his own computers from components. I’ve also taught myself how to hang and sheetrock drywall, run electrical lines to code, and solder. I can repair almost anything.

I am skeptical by training thanks to the influence of the Jesuits who educated me. However I am also open minded, and have changed my opinions about some subjects. I welcome disagreement but not dogma. As Gerald Ford once said, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” If you can’t, then go somewhere else. If you want to preach, get your own blog. Your comment and emails will be marked as spam.

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And yes I used to be a bit of a goth. Thanks Robynne for the pic…