Obama Scandal Scorecard

I will update this as new stories appear, and as I work backward. Recent stories will be added to the top of each list.

2/7/14 Update of All Scandals

Domestic Spying





(additional links at TaxProf Blog)


Press Monitoring/DOJ Wiretaps


Gross Incompetence


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  5. Pumabydesign001:

    Barack Hussein Obama, a recurring nightmare that leaves dead bodies all over the map.

  6. bernie from Planck's:

    Thanks for linking to my article (2/7/14 Update of All Scandals), it’s appreciated.

  7. Ed Drass:

    When are you going to update this list? It’s the best source to follow BHO’s screwups.

  8. Scott Kirwin:

    No one paid any attention to it, yet the scandals continued “fast and furious”ly so I gave up. Would be a monumental effort to update, but at least it captures some of the older stuff that would be lost in a Google search.

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