Kenya – I’m Watching You

From a very cold and distant place with snow on my doorstep.
Everyday I check this site to see what the locals are saying. I also read the online stories that pop up occasionally on BBC, Yahoo! and Fox News. So far it appears that Kenyan society has stopped – waiting for leadership, a decision on whether the nation will continue on the path towards freedom and prosperity or slip backwards towards dictatorship and tribalism. Will it choose the future of India or Congo?

While the people wait, the demons that lay hidden in the darkest hearts of men and women creep out here and there, snatching a handful of victims at a time. A family of missionaries live in Nakuru, a town now gripped by violence. I’ve always found the reaction of normal people to abnormal events to be much more compelling than the reporting of professional journalist. There’s something particularly disturbing about this scene:

It started yesterday with the killing of a Kalenjin athlete. He had traveled from Nairobi and alighted at the Mololine booking office here in Nakuru. Some people grabbed machetes from a nearby vehicle and hacked him to death.

This created much confusion and the police had a hard time controlling the area. I had been in town just before this took place. I sensed tension and decided to stay on the other side of town…

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