Shooting the Beretta U22 Neo

The Kid and I hit the range again yesterday and fired a box of ammo with a brand new Beretta U22 Neo. It only took half an hour, but the silhouette target we used has nice clusters around the heart and head. In fact the white background is untouched.
The Beretta Neo is an awesome handgun. It has hardly any recoil and the adjustable sight is easy to use. The trigger action is smooth – and I felt no resistance when the gun fired. As Officer Ayoob notes in his excellent piece on rolling the trigger, “...You want the exact instant of the shot to surprise you, so you don’t anticipate it and convulsively jerk the shot off target.” The Neo makes it easy to get that little bit of surprise because it’s so smooth.

It doesn’t look all that impressive – at least to my eye.
Beretta Neo

However for newbie shooters interested in developing good skills like sighting, stance, triggering and accuracy, it’s an excellent starter. You might not look cool standing next to the guy blazing away with .45 cal. ammo, but you can send your target back further and still shoot tight groups.

Note that the guy at the range said that the older Neo’s aren’t very good, so be sure to fire a new one if you get the chance.

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  1. pete:

    just picked one up at the pawn shop for 150. can’t wait to shoot it! i’m going to try the sub sonics in it , i hope it will cycle as well as be quiet . the triger isn’t to heavy but the pull (creep) is very long . i’m hopeing to be able to get it much’s the model with the ajustable trigger but i haven’t found any instructions on how to do it ( i have done a few remingtons and savage triggers ) i will let you know. my boy and i are going to have a ton of fun with it!

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