The Left’s Latest Meltdown: Trump Is Hitler

President Trump’s executive order on Friday caused yet another Liberal Meltdown on the Internet as well as on social media. But not everywhere. Reuters reports from my old stomping grounds of Manchester Missouri that Trump supporters there aren’t bothered by the 00 day moratorium on refugees from 7 middle eastern nations that the Left has characterized as a “Muslim Ban.” “In the St. Louis suburb of Manchester, Missouri, 72-year-old Jo Ann Tieken characterized the president as bringing reason into an overheated debate.“Somebody has to stand up, be the grown up and see what we can do better to check on people coming in,” she said. “I’m all for everybody to stop and take a breath … Just give it a chance.””

The article goes on to interview a retired school cafeteria worker in Michigan who referenced referenced the attacks in Brussels and Paris. “Look at what’s happening in Europe,” she said. “I don’t dare travel there, out of fear.”

The wife and I have been traveling twice a year to Europe for several years now, and over that time we’ve seen the damage caused by the EU’s “Open Door” policy to refugees from the Middle East. These refugees have thanked the peace, prosperity and freedom granted by their hosts by making neighborhoods in France, Germany and Sweden “no-go” zones for women and non-Muslims where they risk rape and assault. Even in my beloved Rome I’ve seen young men turning a park on the Domus Aurea near the Colosseum into a hangout that’s become increasingly unsafe even during the day. While we aren’t giving up travel to Europe just yet, we are finding our destination list increasingly circumscribed by events there.

Bookworm of Bookworm Room fame has been besieged by the Left on social media but strikes back with a post attacking the fallacies underlying the Left’s latest freakout.

Here’s the core point: Unlike the Jews of WWII, the Muslims whom the Left insists we accept in the US aren’t the victims of a vast, aberrant genocidal upheaval, completely out of keeping with historical norms and, indeed, 19th century trends in humanism. Other than Syria, the other nations on the list (nations, incidentally, that the Obama administration classified as terrorism risks) are cultural and economic backwaters that have values in keeping with Nazi values. They’re on the move, not because of a one-off genocidal war, but because majority Muslim nations in the Middle East are dangerous, corrupt, hate-filled, and poverty-stricken…

Islam’s rules marginalizing women, forbidding lending for reasonable interest (which is one of the engines of a growing economy), barring Jews and Christians, killing gays, and limiting knowledge to the Koran (which vast numbers of illiterates in the Middle East even cannot read) are perfect ingredients for a violent, degraded, economically stagnant community. Those countries that have some wealth (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.) achieved their wealth, not through human potential, but for the West’s willingness to pay big bucks for black gold.

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