President Trump Takes Office

After more than 8 years of Obama (remember how active he was as president-elect, even using a special seal on his podium after the election?) I am too weary to write another word more about the Disaster-in-Chief Obama other than: Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. I suspect his life as an ex-pres will force me to write about him again. While Jimmy Carter knocks on Death’s door I’m sure Obama is ready to replace him as the Liberal Nag-in-Chief.

As for Trump, I know we are living in a tumultuous time, but it will be interesting to see someone fight for the forgotten American workers – those who have struggled to survive after seeing their livelihoods shipped abroad, then told to get an education by someone half their age who has no clue what it’s like.

For the sake of the less fortunate I hope he delivers on his promises.

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