Corporate Media Has Learned Nothing From 2016 Election

Zerohedge takes aim at a preinauguration poll floating around claiming Trump is the most unpopular president-elect in 40 years.

Here’s a screenshot of a poll taken the day before the election.

Here’s a screenshot taken of the poll today.

Note that Scott Clement is a writer on both pieces. Even though the election the next day proved his polling was flawed due to oversampling of Democrats, Scott makes the exact same mistake again as pointed out in the Zerohedge piece.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon slave driver as shown in this 2014 essay by Republican mouthpiece Salon, so it’s no surprise Clement would slant his poll to suit his boss’s antipathy towards Trump. Got to make his master happy at all cost.

Still it’s disappointing to see corporate media resort to the same reality-distorting tricks that caused Liberals to run to their safe spaces after the election.

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