Rich Lowery: Democrats Losing Their Collective Minds

Writing in the New York Post, Rich Lowery believes Buzzfeed has done the President-elect a huge favor. “Its decision to post the document has to be considered another chapter in the ongoing saga of the media and Democrats losing their collective minds. If the election had gone the other way, it is hard to see BuzzFeed publishing a 35-page document containing unverified, lurid allegations about President-elect Hillary Clinton that it didn’t consider credible. This was an anti-Trump decision, pure and simple.”

He also realizes the “Democrats have done themselves no favors by implicitly refusing to accept the election results after browbeating Trump for months to accept the results in advance. And if the press is going to lower its standards in response to Trump, it will diminish and discredit itself more than the president-elect.”

Exactly. The more the press acts like the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, the stronger Trump’s support becomes. If the Democrats and their media allies really wanted to bring Trump down they’d do what Lowery suggests: treat him like a “normal” politician. Question his ideas and how he plans to implement them.

For example I’m all for repealing Obamacare yet I have no idea how Trump and the GOP plan to do this. No clue – and I’m a Trump supporter and a GOP member. But since I’m a Trump supporter my ideas are ignored, just as Lowery’s will be because he’s a Fox News contributor and sympathetic to the GOP.

Instead the press and the Democrats are getting in bed with the CIAfomenting a war with Russia, famous actors and actresses are making speeches about being oppressed in front of audiences wearing $20,000 designer dresses and tuxedos on TV and taking to Twitter to call for martial law.

All this hysteria will do is make Trump and the GOP stronger, so I guess we should thank the media and the Democrats.

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