Major Security Breach At Bank

Results in the draining of our bank account. Our account wasn’t the only one, but the bank isn’t saying just how big the breach is. The mere fact of that tells me it’s big. I don’t want to say much at this time because I don’t want to compromise the investigation. I’ll update this as I can.

Somehow the thieves managed to obtain my check card number along with my pin and did a couple ATM withdrawals. While my bank has promised me that the money will be returned, it will take some time. Meanwhile the crime has seriously dented our cash flow at a critical time (job change & holidays).

Consider that the bank knows these charges are fraudulent. The account number and PINs were stolen through a data breach on their system. I didn’t hand my card and PIN to a homeless guy in Center City and tell him to have a good time at the crackhouse on me. Given the unusual amounts of some of the withdrawals, I didn’t even know they could be made (How many ATMs shell out odd amounts of coinage? Update: ANSWER: The ATM fees duh…). They know with absolute certainty that they are responsible and even apologized to me. But the only process they have in place is a sluggish one that keeps me separated from my money, a variant of the same chargeback dispute process that they’ve used for decades.

Meanwhile I’ve got to figure out how to live without cash. The Kid’s school lunch lady doesn’t take Visa, nor does the parking garage I must park in at work. That’s not even considering the bills that are due in the next few days.

Not that the thieves care about this. They only care about themselves, and will justify their crime in a myriad of ways that make sense only to them. After all, the world is theirs for the taking. I am nothing to them, just a source of cash for meth and crack.

I hope the f****rs rot in hell, and will do whatever I can to insure that outcome.

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  1. Jack Snyder:

    I would be doomed since I don’t have credit cards and, financially speaking, I live right on the edge.

  2. Chad:

    Wilmington Trust? Those complete chicken fuckers.

    We got ripped off for our business account, 2100$ going to “Elvis Presley” and those fucking fucktards wouldn’t give us our $$ back. Basically told Tom to his face that we can take our business elsewhere.

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