Illegal Immigrant Teens Die In Delaware Crash – Biden Silent On License Issue

Teenagers, alcohol and cars are a deadly mix, so when I first heard about this accident yesterday, I felt that little chill that goes up the spine of any caring parent who reads a story like this. Unfortunately in my little state of Delaware, I get that chill on average once a year. Everyday I drive by a spot where 2 local teens died nearly four years ago when the driver lost control while passing a stopped a car. The kid wasn’t drunk – just inexperienced – and the result is two concrete angel statues beneath pine trees next to the road.

Paramedics at the scene described the collision as “one of the worst crashes they’ve seen in a along time,” New Castle County paramedics spokeswoman Sgt. Kelli Starr-Leach said.

The three teens were in a BMW that is estimated to have been traveling at 80 MPH before it lost control, hit a median, flipped over, landed on top of a passing Honda Civic, before hitting a telephone pole and splitting in half.

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Unfortunately for the parents of the driver of the passing Civic, it’s their nightmare now too:

Matthew Wilson, 23, of Squirrel Hill Court in Mill Creek, succumbed to his injuries sometime Tuesday night, (Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh, a spokesman for the Delaware State Police) said.

Wilson was the driver of a Honda Civic that was hit by a speeding BMW on Paper Mill Road.

Wilson was a security guard on his way to work the graveyard shift at a Bank Of America facility just 500 feet away.

Now it turns out that the speeding, drunk teens were in the country illegally.

A family spokesman, who is helping to translate for relatives coordinating the arrangements, said none of the four crash victims was in the country legally.

The family spokesman, who did not want to be identified, said all of the four friends worked two jobs, as construction laborers and fast food workers.


So how did an 18 year working here illegally afford a BMW? Illegal immigrant apologists like to emphasize the immigrants hard work and their sending money back home, as this article duly notes:

Merida, the driver, was living here with his 19-year-old brother and sending money to relatives in Mexico, the spokesman said. Ortiz was the cousin of Gran-Merida.

This isn’t the first time an illegal immigrant has managed to find cash that most legal immigrants and native born Americans would be hard to find. This past August Jose Carranza, aka Jose La Chira, gunned down three African-American college students in Newark New Jersey after posting $200,000 bond for aggravated assault and weapons charges plus 31 other counts including aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13 years old and endangering the welfare of a child he had a duty to supervise from two arrests in April and July.

According to the Wilmington News Journal the driver of the BMW at the time of the accident was an unlicensed driver Israel Palmero Merida, 17, of Bear. It doesn’t say whether the owner of the car, Gran-Merida, was licensed or not. The article does state that Gran-Merida was making payments on the car. One could assume that this would require a valid driver’s license to do, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this kid was able to make payments without one.

This being Sen. Joe Biden’s home state, and given the heat currently being generated by New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s unpopular move allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, it would be interesting to learn what affect this accident could have on Sen. Biden’s position on the issue. I’ve searched the web and been unable to learn whether Biden supports or opposes such legislation (probably both.) This includes Biden’s own website, which lists his positions on everything from the Iraq War to empowering women to “Ending 21st Century Discrimination” – whatever that is. There is absolutely no mention of illegal immigration, and especially none for granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants – a move that has become a key issue for New York Republicans and one opposed by 72% of New Yorkers.

The local Delaware press treats “Delaware’s Favorite Son” the same way Pravda treated Joseph Stalin, so I am not expecting any information on this issue from it. I could place a call to one of Biden’s aides since I am a Delaware constituent, but I would feel sorry for the kid who took the call. Biden doesn’t have a position on illegal immigration, and especially on drunk Mexican teens getting behind the wheel of Beemer, then killing themselves and taking out a local man in the process.

This isn’t a tragedy. Tragedies are inescapable; they are demanded by Fate and there is nothing that mere mortals can do except suffer them. The cold hard truth is that these four kids should not have been here, should not have had a car, and should not have been drinking. There were numerous points where this outcome could have been stopped had our system – the system that Senator and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been a part of for 34 years. It’s a system that allowed these kids to hold jobs by Burger King and local construction firms even though they were here illegally. It allowed them to purchase and own a high-performance sports car that can outrun anything I’ve ever driven in my quarter century of driving. It allowed them access to alcohol.

I don’t fault the teenagers. As a parent I know that all teens are pretty much insane regardless of their nationality. They are incapable of the type of reasoning that most adults take for granted – the type that keeps most of us from drinking and getting behind the wheel.

Those three teens didn’t have to die on that road, nor did Matthew Wilson. Gran-Merida has suffered serious head trauma so it’s unknown whether he’s going to make it. It’s not a tragedy – it’s a travesty.

If I could have Senator Biden in my home right now, with my young son, and my wife, and my cats, dogs, gerbils, and tropical fish – my cozy little suburban home that is the anchor of my life in this world – I would ask him a question that no Leftist moderator will ask any Democratic presidential candidate:

Senator, after 35 years in public service, aren’t you partly responsible for this travesty of our American system that killed these kids and a young man on a road in your home state?

I wonder what he would say.

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  1. susan wall:

    He[Biden}doesn’t care just like the rest.They the rich get richer off them.Its called pass the buck.Just you wait and see when one of these rich people lose someone they really love.Its sad but true. Thats whats it will take because these type of people are ball-less.I am a mother of 7 and I have more you know what then Biden will every have.I say make him tell us how he really feels not some BS.If he can’t do it without the BS then he’s not a real man. Mother Of 7 Wants The Job!


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