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Recently I had to take a personality test after what I thought was a successful job interview that I later learned by the failure of my phone to ring wasn’t as successful as I had thought. So I’ve been curious about these things, and recently found a freebie that’s worth trying.

During the test I was presented with words like “deferant,” “delabate,” and “implective” which according to Merriam-Webster don’t exist as well as scores that do. I then had to rate myself on a scale of 1-5 to decide whether the word applied to me or not.

I received the results and was immediately stunned. The site claims to be based on the scores of 14000 business people, but I couldn’t believe the results applied to me: “You were generally consistent, but you may not have understood the meanings of some of the
words,” – like “deferant,” “delabate,” and “implective” I suppose. “While you can take an independent stand, you may be hesitant to buck popular opinion.”

‘Scuse me? Mr. Question-Global-Warming and Support-the-Iraq-War-at-all-costs? Mr. Get-beat-up-for-listening-to-New-Wave?

“You’re likely to be sensitive to social censure. Consequently, you may not share your opinions and ideas openly.”

That’s me! Mr. Keep-my-opinions-to-myself! Suffer in silence!

There was about two pages of psychobabble that described somebody I didn’t know. If that was me, I was surely in deep trouble and probably would never be hired by anyone who subscribed to these tests.

The testing session was still open, and just out of curiosity I scrolled back to see my answers.

The directions stated “Rate yourself on a scale from 1 (Agree) to 5 (Disagree) being careful to use the middle options only 20% of the time.”

I realized I had misread the directions – giving myself “5” for words that I agreed described me.

No wonder that person didn’t exist: He was the mirror image of me – at least according to this test.

I considered taking the test again but decided it wasn’t worth it. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are and don’t need a “free” personality quiz to tell me – especially one that uses words that don’t exist.

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  1. Debbie:

    I was curious about the ‘freebie’ test for personality/etc assessment tests given today for preemployment. I did take the test twice, I did back up and made sure I had selected the ‘adjectives’ I thought applied to me. The ‘delabate’, ‘implective’, ‘redulate’, ‘deferant’ cannot be found in any kind of search on any site. I, too, was stunned by the results sent to me by ‘eTest’. Both results though I deliberately answered them differently, gave me a profile of an employee that in no way would be hired even by McDonalds and were very similar in the results. Maybe it is because it is a free test but come on, to put words in there that cannot be found in any dictionary, encyclopedia, or general web search? The second test I only put 1 answer in the ‘not sure’ column and still received the ‘you need to improve your vocabulary’ assessment. I will definitely be asking the source of the assessment tests because this one is a huge joke!

  2. Leslie:

    I just took the same test, as part of my pre-employment screening. I, too was frustrated with the number of descriptive words that do not exist in the English language. Each one I looked up was a Hindi word. I find this even more disturbing. I have worked with many Indian people over the years, and one thing is clear; America and India have different work styles, priorities, strength and weakness measurements. This test will be used to determine my strengths and weaknesses as a potential employee, but it doesn’t measure on American views and standards (evidenced by the large use of words that don’t translate). How can I descried myself effectively, and therefore judged, using words that have no meaning?

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