Glenn Reynolds Quote on a Bumpersticker


  1. joseph hill:

    Ok. It is not a crisis so let us forget about it.

  2. Joe:

    Sounds like the best idea yet!

  3. Not-So-Green | Ecotality Blog:

    [...] Update: To quote Glenn Reynolds, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis. [...]

  4. JorgXMcKie:

    Well, we did survive the “Global Cooling Crisis” of the 1970s fairly decently. I realize that Al Gore is the most brilliant person since Einstein and Hawking, but even they have made (and admitted) a mistake or two, so perhaps, just this one time, Al is wrong.

  5. kcom:

    “just this one time, Al is wrong.”

    Or did you mean, “just this once, Al should lay off the bong.”?

  6. M. Simon:

    I claim if Al had spent more time with the bong he would have mellowed out and would have no interest in harassing Americans.

  7. Joan of Argghh!:

    What a wonderful way of expressing the idea that, “what you’re doing is so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

    Meanwhile, I’m still driving 10 miles to get to my favorite nail salon for a pedicure. I’m employing all sorts of people in the process, from my auto manufacturer right down to the young lady who will likely own the next big hotel in town one day. Yep, I’m making the world go ‘round.

  8. triticale:

    I don’t do bumperstickers. They don’t change people’s minds, and I don’t want to call attention to myself in a neighborhood full of lefties. If I did, tho, mine would read: Fight World Hunger. Ban Ethanol Fuel.

  9. Kman:

    Dobie is one of those moonbats that say “I believe in listening to diverse opinions—but only if they are the same as mine. And if they aren’t the same as mine I will get really, really, really mad and then become deranged and then throw a temper tantrum and then let the expletives fly!” He is such a witty person.

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    [...] Really, this is a great bumpersticker. [...]

  11. Plugged-in eco-hypocrisy « Likelihood of Success:

    [...] Maybe he’d like a bumper sticker — do they go on private jets? [...]

  12. Scott Kirwin:

    I’ve been online one way or another for 20 years and have learned the best way to deal with Dobie’s type is to delete his comment. It’s easy to flame, much harder to argue intelligently.

  13. The Anchoress » Blog Archive » A late-to-the-dance roundup:

    [...] is an ideology to be strenuously resisted. And one that is designed to decrease human liberty, is to be mocked. And one that is incompatible with human life is poison to be kept far away from those it can [...]

  14. Mark Spencer:

    Another excellent quotation from Mr. Reynolds! (I’ve added it to my site)

    So true, and sad at the same time though.

  15. Nils Trigg:

    Are you kidding?
    Lets think of this, would you call this a crisis?
    Greenland’s icecaps melting, then rising sea levels enough to flood not only New York, but cities around the world like Amsterdam, Beijing, and San Francisco? Including billions of dollars of property loss, and thousands of peoples lives being ruined?
    Is that a crisis? Yes, it is.
    And however much you (no offense) gun clinging republicans (merely a category by the way) deny it, you know, somewhere inside, that its true. And the longer that messages like this propagate throughout the world, the less time people will have to prepare, and possibly stop this crisis.

    And if you don’t think that Al Gore and others think that this is a crisis, then the longer it will take for his message to get to your brains, and eventually, the more you will be shocked when this true crisis actually happens.
    Wake up people, the world is not being saved by these lies and false accusations.

  16. Scott Kirwin:

    If climate change is a crisis, then why doesn’t Al Gore live in a small home like mine and avoid traveling outside of his home state let alone to Europe and Bali? Air travel is one of the worst ways to travel if you are worried about Global Warming, but it doesn’t seem to stop the likes of James Hansen, Al Gore and others who have made an industry out of alarmism. As Glenn Reynolds stated, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis.”

    The whole issue reminds me of a cult whereby everyone is supposed to live in poverty or abstain from sex – except for the leader. If you wish to follow in the footsteps of hypocrites, go right ahead – but the moment you want to impose your religion on me, expect me to reach for my guns (or vote Republican).

    And Beijing is 209 feet above sea level. The IPCC states yearly sea level rise varies to 1.74mm yearly over the past century (174 mm – 6.8 inches from 1904-2003). At that rate it will take 36,900 years for sea level to rise 209 feet and threaten Beijing. I’m not a procrastinator but I won’t worry about this one for 36,800 years or so. Be sure to contact me then.

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