Terrorist Dry Runs: Read Between the Lines

Fox News is squawking in this report about suspicious items turning up in searches by the TSA. However they aren’t mentioning in their newscast what to me is the most obvious question:

Who are the people carrying this stuff?

The story has this tidbit:

The bulletin said the passengers carrying the suspicious items seized since September included men and women and that initial investigation had not linked them with criminal or terrorist organizations. But it added that most of their explanations for carrying the items were suspicious and some were still under investigation.

One of the items was two freezer packs wrapped with duct tape with the gel inside removed and replaced with clay.

I don’t know about you but I would love to hear that guy’s explanation…

“Play-doh is illegal in my country, and I am smuggling it in for my sister’s children.”

“That Ebay! I bought this to keep my American Coca-Cola drinks cold and the seller ripped me off. I’m must leave him bad feedback now!”

However the most likely explanation is:

“My civil rights are being violated. I am calling CAIR immediately.”

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  1. Cliff:

    I realize it’s a bit cliche’ but—really—what’s it gonna take for some to “get a clue” on the terror thing?! (Unfortunately, we all know what it’s going to take. What utter fools).

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