Hatshepsut Discovered

I love archeology, and little fascinates me as much as Ancient Egypt.

So the discovery of the mummy of Hatshepsut, an 18th Dynasty queen turned Pharaoh, is big news.

And the Discovery Channel has done it, and broadcasts the quest in the Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen. It’s a quest that brings together history, forensic science, and good old fashioned detective work.

They even discovered the cause of death: poor dental hygiene.

So why did the next ruler, Tuthmosis III, attempt to erase her from history?

It wasn’t personal. Tuthmosis III replaced Hatshepsut’s cartouche with her half-brother and husband Tuthmosis II - who also happened to be Thuthmosis III’s father. It was his way of insuring the succession was patrilineal, and that it would not go to Hatshepsut’s daughter, Neferure, who apparently became his queen and bore his eldest son, Amenemhat.

It’s a fascinating program and one definitely worth watching.

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