Al Qaeda Torture Manual Found

At Abu Grahib US soldiers used female interrogators, barking police dogs and “man pyramids.” The resulting firestorm damaged US credibility in the fight to stabilize Iraq.

Compare this to al-Qaeda’s torture methods:

Some of the drawings show how to drill hands, sever limbs, drag victims behind cars, remove eyes, put a blowtorch or iron to someone’s skin, suspend a person from a ceiling and electrocute them, break limbs and restrict breath and put someone’s head in a vice.

Nasty stuff, but no surprise to anyone familiar with the terror group. When you’re doing God’s will, anything goes.

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  1. Indy:

    I’m really not cool with stooping to their level- torture is something losers do-

    think about it- they know they can’t beat us, so when they catch a U.S. soldier or suchlike, they take it out on him.

    the amount of intimidation factor we’d create in (say) iraqi populations by turning into sadistic freaks is far less than the positive effects of allways, allways having the moral high ground.

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