Rocky the Chihuahua

3 months ago we got this critter:
Rocky the Chihuahua - Day 1

Since that time this little guy has really livened up the house. Even the Wife, who once considered herself as solely a “cat person” now loves dogs – thanks in part to Rocky aka “Rockstar.”

I remember when I was in college and how I imagined myself as striding the moors of northern England with my Irish Wolfhound at my side, thinking deep thoughts and writing famous poetry.

Twenty years later I stride the streets of Delaware with my chihuahua and Lab mix scrambling at my feet, wondering whether the neighbors will notice that I didn’t pick up the dog crap my canine companions left on their lawns. As for writing, my most popular post on this site is about Gerbils. Life sure has a sense of humor.

But I don’t mind. Rocky is a fun, lively dog – fierce to everyone outside of the family, and loyal to the core. One could do worse than to come home to a house with a chihuahua wiggling in excitement at your feet as the Lab leaps around you in joyful celebration of your return.

One could do worse.


  1. Harper:

    He looks good in those colors!

  2. cutie pie:

    he sure does!

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