Cold Fusion

DailyTech reports the US Navy has conducted cold fusion experiments that have been published in the journal Natur Wissenschaften. GoogleVideo of the chief scientist explaining her findings here.

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  1. Steven B. Krivit:

    Just a little bit of background to add here –
    Bennett Daviss’ article in New Scientist on May 3 is a follow-up piece to the in-depth article on the SPAWAR San Diego research by Steven Krivit and Daviss published in New Energy Times in November.

    Apparently, New Scientist chose to neglect the term “low energy nuclear reactions,” which those of us observing, and working in the field have now adopted.

    The term “cold fusion” was never chosen by Fleischmann and Pons; it was wished on them by the press. It was and is a poor descriptor for the phenomenon. The concept of fusion remains highly speculative, a variety of phenomena are clearly not fusion, and then there is the Widom-Larsen not-fusion theory. (

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    Steven Krivit
    Editor, New Energy Times

  2. Administrator:

    Thanks for the clarification.

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