Rosie O’Donnell Rant Advisory

I received this from a source at ABC.
Rosie O'Donnell Rant Advisory - ABC

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  1. beth:

    That’s great!! I’ve posted too much on Rosie lately – but I might have to just go for another one!!

    CalTech Girl sent me over here – Not Quite Rocket Science.

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  3. k. barry:

    how in gods name can anybody with a brain watch that idiot? She is no better than a televised version of a circus sideshow.
    For the life of me, I can’t imagine why people like her, Trump and that cretin Simon (judge on Am. Idol) can possibily be POPULAR!
    Then again, most of our political class are either criminals or should be wearing clown make-up in public… so I guess it all adds up.

  4. ted:

    ROSIE member of MICHAEL MOOR*AN fun club

  5. Gayle Miller:

    I continue to be baffled and somewhat astonished by the mindset of such as O’Donnell – if indeed one can call what they do “thinking”. Here is a woman who is in a public, lesbian relationship. Furthermore, this is a woman with a big mouth that she runs at will, seemingly without connecting it to her brain at any time. In the chilling and unlikely event that the jihadist were in any way victorious, she and her ilk would be TARGET #1 – does she not understand this?

    None of these moonbat liberals seems to realize that NOWHERE ELSE on earth could they do and say what they do and say – without any kind of consequences.

    What is even MORE astonishing is that both ABC and Barbara Walters (I used to respect Barbara Walters – now, not at all) allow this insanity to continue!

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  8. raz0r:

    I love that. Just fits her so well.

  9. John Brodey:

    Who cares about Rosie O’Donnell? Are there that many of you actually watching morning TV? She seems to be as clueless and as horny for attention (to the point of uttering any inanity)as Michelle Malkin and Mann Coulter. Right or left, it makes no difference (except the right wing ones are nuttier and not as funny), it’s all just a desperate cry for help.

  10. Joanne Covej:

    Rosie is a nasty, offish, brute and I will vote with my wallet. I already let several sponsers of my ABC affiliate know that I will purchase from their competetor as a result of their funding this garbage. My two sons are both currently ” in country ” with the Marines and it gives one pause to think that this is what their sacrifices are to protect.

  11. Dave Beaulieu:

    “Cognitive dissonance.” You all suffer from cognitive dissonance.

    I must admit, I never really cared much for Rosie, until now. She actually has the guts to speak out about this controversial subject despite the fact she may well be booted by the ignorant for her courage.

    Governments have been corrupt since the beginning of time. Ours is no different. When it comes to the events of 9-11 I ask one question:


    It wasn’t me, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t OBL.

    BushCo and the corporatist globalists that run the Republican and Democratic parties, and thus America, did!

    Wake up you idiots!


    I have a question Is rosie eating and drinking her own feces and urine?

  13. Lynn Lee:

    Rosie has obviously gone off the deep end. She is so filled with hate and bitterness that she strikes out at anything and everything she can. Her loud obnoxious voice is her weapon. She thinks if she yells loud enough and drowns out anyone that disagrees with her that she is the winner. Her idiocy is apparent for all to see. I know there are a few naive people who believe what she says, but the vast majority of people are beginning to see her for the fool she is. Sure-she is a novelty and gets some attention for The View, but in the long run I believe that The View will come to look more like a circus with freaks on display than a talk show.

  14. Pablo:

    So, Dave, by your theory it was Hillary who forced President Clinton to engage in his dalliances with Lewinsky, right? After all, who has gained more than Senator Clinton from that debacle—certainly you realize she wouldn’t have been a viable senatorial candidate, yet alone a presidential contender, had it not been for the Profile in Courage she received for standing by her man in the face of the VRWC.

    Hillary Clinton, KneePad-Buyer-In-Chief. Perhaps Rosie can get on that one tomorrow.

  15. Alexis:

    Rosie is such a bully.

  16. Ennis:

    Rosie is the poster child for the 21st century Democratic party. The party of FDR/JFK died with the 20th century, in fact if both men were alive today the current Democrats would have run them off just like they did Joe Lieberman.

    The 21st century Democratic party-no longer the party of the “big tent”. it is the party of the insane asylum.

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  18. Laura:

    I thank you and Fox News for addressing the “Rosie issue.” I sincerely hope something is done about her.

  19. The World According To Carl:

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  20. Administrator:

    Dunno if you are Left wing or Right wing. In fact, I can’t tell the difference between the ultra-Right and the ultra-Left anymore; they have become one in the same. Rosie hates Catholicism, makes fun of Chinese people, and believes conspiracy theories about the US government and Jews.

    Timothy McVeigh hated Catholics, made fun of Asians, and believed in conspiracy theories about the US government and Jews.

    The only thing that separates Rosie from McVeigh was that McVeigh hated homosexuals, and of course, is dead.

    You are not Conservative or Liberal. You are not Right or Left. You are merely sick.

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  23. Tessa:

    I think Rosie is a closet heteosexual. Must suck to be >40 and realize you messed up your whole life. Rosie played it nice and safe being a lesbian, no unplanned pregnancies, not ditched or heartbroken by any guy.

  24. Administrator:

    I’ve wondered the same. As a supporter of gay rights I think she is giving the movement a really bad name.

    Kind of like Ann Coulter – just not as cute.

  25. Gary Rosen:


    Let’s see … Bush’s popularity ratings are in the toilet, and the Dems just won the election.

    It’s obvious – Pelosi did it.

  26. Althor:

    Poor Rosie! I believe she herself had admitted to be undergoing a deep depression, and that it has only been with the help of medication that she has not ended up committing suicide (those bad, bad pharmaceutical
    companies!). Undoubtedly that is also why she hangs upside down from the ceiling at nights like the “moonbat” she is.

    It seems that Rosie’s life is finally catching up with her, and that she’s undergoing a severe mid-life crisis (must be all that testosterone in her system). That being the despicable, spiteful, and hateful human being she has become is finally having its toll on her, as well as the neuroses stemming from her inner struggle between her lesbianism and godlessness and her Irish Catholic background. It should be telling that in many respects her neuroses resemble that of many of James Joyce’s characters in his novels: the inner conflict of the lives they lead and the visceral fear of the hell which in their eyes awaits them.

    If I may make a suggestion to Rosie that will alleviate her misery (as well as take us out of ours at having to put up with her idiotic rants and all her looney propaganda), she should go to her local veterinarian and have him euthanize her. I feel sorry for the poor vet though, it would be the biggest bitch (female dog) he’s ever had to put to sleep in his life and it might be difficult, not to mention he would have to muzzle her first to avoid getting bit as she snarls and foams at the mouth in the process, thus giving him rabies as a parting gift!

    May God have mercy on her soul…err, May God have mercy on us all…until she’s gone! Bring on the Excedrin please!

    Althor 🙂

  27. fh121:

    It’s easy to call people “fringe”, “lunatics”, “nutjobs”, “whackos” ....pick your adjective…
    It all sounds to me like most people who leave comments are “drinking the kool-aid” (to use a popular political euphemism) of either the Republican or Democrat parties.
    How about thinking for yourself for a change.
    Stop being the sheep they count on you being!

    I personally can’t stand Rosie but on this point
    I believe she has some valid questions that need to be anwered.
    See Alex Jones’ website
    Watch the videos, read the articles then decide whether or not Rosie is just another “unhinged” liberal.

    Neither Democrats or Republicans have your best interests in mind. They only care about themselves and having power over you. WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  28. Losers:

    This blog is as good as falling down a flight of stairs. No one here knows any fact from fiction. None of you idiots see the 2nd amendment being taking away. None of you idiots understand that this foreign policy fuck up is being carried out by the most trusted, most educated people, and they still can not tie their shoes.

    If you want truth, you will have to remove your head from your ass and go look for it. Fox news or this lame attempt at journalism is not going to get you anywhere.

  29. Losers:

    9/11 The Inside Job.
    The simple answer. For the official story to be true, the laws of physics and nature have to be suspended for the entire day.

    When a structure is failing due to random damage. The path of destruction will follow the path of least resistance.

    All three towers, 1, 2, and 7 all completely collapse following the path of most resistance. This defies laws of physics and since no plane hit building 7 why did it collapse as fast as the twin towers relative to their height?

    Because the common denominator demolitions, explosives. You are smart, you can figure this out.

  30. Mel W.:

    Come on, “Losers,” first of all it’s the 1st Amendment at stake – freedom of Speech – not the 2nd, which is the State’s right to a militia & the right to bear arms. FH121, I also perused “Alex Jones” website, and thanks for a waste of 5 minutes of my life. Besides his inability to grasp the subtleties of the Democratic system, such as: if you offer an opinion it is not sacrosanct and may be subjected to debate (i.e., the “marketplace of ideas” – heard of it?), his grammar is atrocious, his writing leaves much to be desired, and it’s hard to find a salient thread to follow in order to arrive at his conclusions. But he is a conspiracist, which I guess is the nature of the game.

    The thing of it is, if ABC doesn’t mind giving Rosie an outlet for her speech, then I don’t mind either. It fulfills the democratic function in numerous ways, such as: (1) promulgating a theory on the facts and subjecting it to public debate; (2) notifying the public of the exact location from which ABC’s executives view the world, and thus frame their news-agenda; (3) allows the public to attempt to digest this bunk, and reguritate it as soon as its distate and lack of probability comes clear; (4) helps the public mind get into working form, because currently it’s working like a pile of dogspit.

  31. S. Alinsky:

    “Rosie In The Land Of Oz” Check out the new YouTube Video

  32. S. Alinsky:

    “Rosie In The Land Of Oz”

    Check out the new YouTube Video

  33. fh121:

    Mel W.
    The problem with most people is that they only “peruse” for five minutes….the attention span of a fly in a field of cow-pies.

    His films are in depth and very thought provoking. Keep your head in the sand if you want to.

  34. edwina fox:

    reasonable and sensible americans should start banding together against these loonies like tokeo rosie [a very apt name} alec baldwin,martain sheen,bill mahr,and all the rest of this lunatic fringe and stop watching their shows ,movies,rants,etc. we should strongly shun these america haters. we should be strongly be encouraging them to move to these other countries they think are so much better than america. let rosie see where her lesbian-government hating gets her.americans should organize and make the schools and colleges start teaching patrisam and family values. we needto get rid of the pc crowd. i am personly offended every day and nobody cares. we need to stop this shreia creep right now. where are the people? let rosies rantings be the beginning of americans taking back america.

  35. Scott McKenzie:

    What a pathetic site full of cowards too terrified to ask the tough questions. Eat up your state-approved propaganda, boys and girls, you clearly lack the intelligence to digest any real facts. Daddy Bush will keep us safe from the bad guys! What a moron parade. And now you’re all pissed off and uber-focused on Rosie becuase she’s blowing holes in your illusion. If you love America then you would welcome tough questions. But you have no real answers, only echoes of your own fears, because deep inside you all fear the truth, the evidence, the reality that the Feds really did have a hand in 9-11 and have used it to keep you all under control! Not one of you idiots can recognize the obvious signs of a controlled demolition? Talk about going through life with blinders on. Poor pathetic souls, begging for a dictatoship to tell you who to be, sacrificing our once-great country and delivering it into the hands of Neo-con Neo-fascists and as you read this you STILL DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Kiss your freedom goodbye…you evidently wanted it that way. PROTECT ME DADDY BUSH! YOURE A GOOD CHRISTIAN! And nevermind the documented fact that your Granddaddy funded half of NAZI steel production during WW2 making him much more than merely a Nazi SYMPATHIZER. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  36. Scott McKenzie:

    Today’s Neocon talking points:
    1. Keep saying “Tokyo” Rosie
    2. Keep saying “tin foil hat”
    3. Keep calling Rosie hateful even though it’s clearly US who have no tolerance for other’s opinions
    4. Refer to Rosie as a “bully” even though its the Federal Govt who has slaughtered a million people in 3 unjustified wars
    5, Use the word “Conspiracy” against truth-seekers as if no people anywhere have ever conspired against anyone for any reason…in other words we are Completely Oblivious to All Human History, yay!
    6. Keep pounding with word like “loony” “insane” and “nutjob” to try to give the impression that other people are confused when really its our heads that are stuck completely up our ignorant asses.

    There, that’s pretty much yor whole Neocon approach. On an intellectual level, pretty damn sad.

  37. onlyabill:

    You tell them Scott! It is the government that is in control and can easily make any one of us disappear without a trace at a moments noti

  38. Bosco Horowitz:

    Rosie may not be the best of the 9-11 researchers, but so far she’s 100% accurate. Thanks GOODNESS

  39. Bosco Horowitz:

    Rosie may not be the best of the 9-11 researchers, but so far she’s 100% accurate. Thank GOODNESS someone in her position has the guts to raise the issue. Treasonous NeoCons perpetrated 9-11, illegal wars, illegal torture, theft of our civil liberties, decimation of the Constitution… they should be brought to trial and hung… Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Gonzalez,...

  40. chad:

    Damn.. the short bus riding kool aid smokers are out in force.

    Come on, “Losers,” first of all it’s the 1st Amendment at stake – freedom of Speech – not the 2nd, which is the State’s right to a militia & the right to bear arms.

    Huh? You even capitalized “State”... even though now the courts are turning back to realizing the 2nd amendment means… exactly what it says. THE PEOPLE

    Next to Dave Beaulieu. Your logic circuits are clearly out of whack. Police obviously cause all crime. Why? Because when there is crime, they’re the ones who benefit with new cars, new guns, and bigger budgets!! OMG! The great cop conspiracy! No, you’re just a dumbass looking for for reasons to wear the tinfoil.

    Andy- You can’t even be reasoned with. How does your head not explode with your ego so fluffed up on your obvious superiority over all the Jacksonians?

    Same to Scott McKenzie. What if… OMG… the truth is actually what happened? Does it even occur to you that terrorists in Al Qaeda did fly the planes that crashed into the towers? And that maybe the government, instead of being the global masterminds of everything you believe, really just are a group of relatively incompetent boobs?

    Smegheads every frickin’ one of ya…

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  42. Althor:

    Wow! If many think Rosie is nuts, they should look at some of the takes from the rabid kool-aid drinking commies in this blog! LMAO! Who let the crazies out of the loonie bin? My God! Round them up quick before they hurt themselves!

    Hey guys, send Rosie a tell. She will be glad to have you on as honorary “proletariat” socialist party members in her next propaganda spoof at the View. I believe she’s inviting Hugo Chavez, Castro, and Bin Laden to co-host.

    Amazing! LMAO!


  43. Mike:

    Too the majority of misinformed people on this forum, do your own research and WAKE UP! You people are so pathetic, you sit back and what or listen to neocon TV shows or talk radio and you believe it. Oh yes, the liberals this, the liberals that,is all you hear from these pathetic losers. This is NOT a political issue, it’s not left or right, it’s good and evil and you need to start looking at what is happening to this country first before blaming sand dwellers for the 9/11 attacks. There is no need to go into details about this because all you have to do is start asking yourself the same questions you have been hearing from these “cooks” as all the neocons have been informed to call the so called “conspiracy theorists”. Ask these questions and see if you can come up with any logic in any of it with the official conspiracy theory. A few to get you started with, how did sand dwellers make NORAD stand down? Why did the towers instantly turn to dust as soon as they started to fall? Why did they fall perfectly into there base with very little outside debris? And why did they fall at the speed of near free fall speed? Why is WTC7 left out of any government investigation? Why did the closer WTC buildings (3 and 5 I believe) that directly got hit and massive damage not fall but WTC7 did? You go look up the Windsor Hotel fire in Madrid, Spain and watch that building as it burned. It burned for 16 hours and the entire building was on fire, not just parts. It burned at 800C, that is Celsius and not Fahrenheit. WTC tower’s burned for approximately an hour each and had localized fires that were not that big and burned at most 800 to 1000F. So the offical story that fires brought these buildings down is total BS, period.
    Do your own research instead of just be a follower. Stop being ignorant and just say what others say and what is expected of you. And that is to trust your government, government is good, it is here to protect you. Bull, the founders of this country left us documents of what we, the people of this country, are to do to keep checks on the government, it’s called the Constitution which is now being shredded for that simple purpose of taking the power away from the people. The founders also said to keep government small. Is our government small? Umm, NOOOOOOO, it’s so damn big that people have no clue of how to control it so they depend on the elected officials to do that job. But look at our elected officials, most are as corrupt as you can get. So how is there to be any control of it when the people don’t know how and to be more exact, don’t care, and the elected use it as a means of financial gain and power?

    A start to this catastrophe is elect Ron Paul for president.
    If you people do not know what is going on and what will be happening in the near future then it is your own fault and you get what you deserve. Do some research on the Real ID Act which is the National ID Card. See how well you will like this come May 11, 2008.

  44. Carter Lee:

    Centeralized collective pirate governments strong enough to pay agents on this Romper Room site to paste second grade name calling are found out. Face it. It is too late. The cat is out of the bag for the oligarchy. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men coulden’t put the tyrannical slave state back together again. Down with the New World Order!

  45. Administrator:

    I make my own money on the free market. I give $$$ to the government: I don’t take it. And since I file my own taxes, I know exactly how much it is.

    Blah blah blah.. Brevity is the sole of wit.

    Bosco, Onlyabill
    If the government is as bad as you think, why aren’t you dead? Because you are too smart for them? Hell, in your opinion they engineered 9-11 plus Kennedy and the Moon Landings most likely. Yet you continue to exist.

    Shouldn’t you have been in an “accident” by now?


    This website was founded 5 years ago to use reason, as exemplified by Occam’s Razor, to “cut to the Truth”. As Media has expanded to include every idiot with a keyboard, so has the ratio of noise to the signal of truth. Occam’s Razor remains the greatest single tool of logic we have today to amplify the signal from the noise.

    Occam’s Razor: When two competing theories have the same evidence, choose the simpler one.

    The evidence that Oswald acted alone is much greater than the theories put forward stating otherwise.

    The evidence that Americans walked on the Moon is much greater than the theories put forward stating otherwise.

    The evidence that Hillary Clinton was NOT involved in the suicide of Vince Foster is much greater than the theories put forward stating otherwise

    As for the events of 9-11, Osama Bin Laden and the al-Qaeda organization have claimed responsibility. This fact is conveniently ignored by those, such as Ms. O’Donnell, who believe otherwise since to do so would be to imply that al-Qaeda conspired with the President.

    Regardless, the evidence that al-Qaeda planned and executed the attacks on 9-11-2001 that killed 3,000 people is much greather than the theories put forward stating otherwise.

    Occam’s Razor isn’t even involved in these theories because the razor demands equal evidence, which none of the proponents of these or any other conspiracy theories, have been able to provide.

    Many of you have become so twisted that as an outsider, it’s hard to tell you apart. Are you ultra-Right fascists or ultra-Left fascists? Honestly I can’t tell. Substitute “Hillary Clinton” and the “Clinton Administration” for “Bush” and the “Bush Administration” and you will sound exactly like the “Freepers” at FreeRepublic in 1998.

    You are becoming your own enemies, sliding down a path of nihilism that consumes extremists on both sides of the political expression. In essence you are being consumed by your own egoism.

    It’s time to stop reading the paranoid claptrap you are reading, take a deep breath and step outside into the sunshine.

    The government/Church/Jews are not out to get you. If they were, you would be dead.

    Comments are closed.
    Find another sandbox to crap in.

  46. Shadowscope:

    The Rosie O’Donnell Rant Advisory System

    I see that ABC is finally coming to it’s senses and releasing and early warning system for us regular Joe’s that don’t watch The View. Found at The Razor via Leaning Straight Up (who got it from Hot Air)...

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