PC Authorities Silence Sex Abuse Victims in the UK

Political Correctness is the monster created by the Left and that monster is stampeding across Great Britain leaving suffering in its wake. 1,400 young white girls systematically abused over 16 years in Rotherham, and the authorities not only knew about it, they sent one of their own to a re-education camp diversity training for raising the alarm about it. The scale of this scandal is only surpassed by the sex scandals of the Catholic Church. In both cases ideology served to blind the authorities to their own morality if not common sense. Just imagine the outcry if the races of the pedophiles and their victims were reversed – white men gang raping 12 year old Asian kids – the outcry would be tremendous.

The politically correct doctrine is as racist as the Klan’s and as sexist as Wahhabi Islam that keeps women covered head to toe in black bags in Saudi Arabian heat. At the heart of political correctness there is the racism of “the white man’s burden” whereby whites know better than other ethnic groups, and critically that only whites are morally and intellectually capable of Evil; other ethnic groups are blameless since they are incapable of understanding right and wrong due to their oppression by whites. There is also unrelenting sexism that a Victorian era gentleman would understand. Women are weaker and incapable of making their own decisions and must be controlled – only by the State instead of their husbands, and women are victims of a patriarchal society and incapable of independence. When these two come in conflict, however, racism trumps sexism; the way the female victims were treated by these so-called “enlightened” authorities in Rotherham appear as progressive as the members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

There is a special place in hell for pedophiles, but there is also an even crueler place for those who know about such abuse and remain silent. The sooner these authorities experience that place the better.

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  1. Michael Hiteshew:

    Agreed. People need to go to JAIL if this is really to be discouraged. I’m not sure Europeans have it left in them to stand for anything anymore though. I’d like to see better from the Brits though.

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