American Jews Need to Wake Up

I chatted to a friend of mine this morning over what’s been going on in Gaza. He’s Jewish and was quite critical of Israel in a post on Facebook. Instead of commenting on his post, I messaged him, and we went back and forth regarding Israel. Our discussion made me realize how American Jews simply do not get Israel. They don’t fully comprehend what Israel is about. American Jews have had it easy for the past few generations. It’s been a long time since discrimination against Jews was common, and anti-Semitism has been a low key affair here in the USA when compared to Europe and the Middle East.

There have always been some Jews that were Zionists, that felt a deep seated, often faith-based need for the establishment of the state of Israel. But it wasn’t until the Russian Pogroms at the turn of the century followed by the spike of anti-Semitism in continental Europe that culminated in the Holocaust that a majority of  Jews understood the necessity of Israel. For two millennia Jews had relied upon “blending in”, compromising whenever necessary, and relying upon the humanity of non-Jews for their existence. But the Russian Pogroms followed by the Holocaust proved the bankruptcy of such beliefs. Jews might be safe for awhile, but they could never rely upon non-Jews for their very existence. Hitler proved the fragility of the Jewish people, how easily their situation in the Diaspora could turn from success and prosperity to survival overnight.

Hitler and the Nazis did not arise from nothing. The only difference between them and the various kings and queens who expelled or sanctioned the slaughter of Jews since the fall of the Roman Empire was scale. Queen Isabella would surely have used train cars to expel the Jews from Spain had they existed in the 15th century, and the Czars would have resorted to the gas chambers had they the technical know-how of 20th century Germany. To the survivors of the Holocaust “Never Again” didn’t mean the world should never allow mass murder on the scale of the Holocaust, for the Jewish community it was a warning that never again should the Jews entrust their survival to anyone but themselves.

The State of Israel promised that no matter how bad things got in the Diaspora, every Jew had a home, a place of safety, a “plan B” for when things got bad and the disease of Jew Hating arose. For over 60 years Israel has provided that plan B to all Jews no questions asked, and hundreds of thousands of Jews from the Soviet Union to Ethiopia have taken Israel up on the offer.

American Jews of today don’t understand the need for this. Generations have grow up in a culture where not only are Jews accepted, individuals are celebrated. Instead of seeing Jews as “Christ killers” conservative American Christians see Jews as co-religionists and view Israel as proof of the promise and power of G-d’s Word. But through the centuries Jews have enjoyed such prosperity, success and even celebration in places where they were later slaughtered.

The signs are already here. While the fundamentalist Christian sects remain strong Israel supporters, the more liberal Christian sects are falling prey to leftist ideology that embraces anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Zionism and the cause of the Palestinians. Jewish students are increasingly harassed on college campuses. Yarmulka wearers are attacked. As the BDS movement evolves the distinction between Israeli policy towards the Palestinians and Judaism itself becomes erased. Jew Hatred is so deeply embedded in Western Society that it doesn’t take much for it to arise to the surface. America has a long tradition of Jew Hatred; we just haven’t reverted to type just yet. But we will, and once the disease infects the moderates and eventually the Right, American Jews will learn what “never again” truly meant, but as usual they will only learn it the hard way.

There will always be non-Jews like me who support Judaism for various reasons. Are American Jews ready to rely upon the likes of me for their safety and survival? I would hope not. American Jews need Israel more than I do. It’s their Plan B, there for them when the s**t hits the fan and they need to get out quick. But it will only be there for them if they support it every time it needs them to.


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  1. Braden Lynch:

    I think it is a little bit like the Stockholm Syndrome that Jews in America are often anti-Second Amendment and do not vocally support the military defense of Israel.

    I hope and pray that America never falls prey to rampant anti-Semitism since God will judge those who do most severely.

    American Jews need to be armed for personal protection and loud critics of the satanic cult of islam to help Israel.

    We are fast approaching the End Times.

  2. Danko Weishemer:

    This is propaganda.
    Jews are in full control of every facet of the US.
    There’s never been any appreciable discrimination against jews in the US.
    There’s currently more anti White racism in the US than anti semetic hate.
    Any individual in the US who even questions the US relationship with Israel is immediately attacked by a multitude of watchdog groups.
    Netanyahu makes calls to senior members of the US federal government and basically scolds them and barks orders.
    Jews are currently safer in the US than in Isreal.

  3. Lawrence:

    American Jews who are critical of Israel are not suffering from any wrong beliefs. The are on the Left and the Left in America has for quite some time been anti-Israel. They would dispute with you that they are anti-Jew or anti-Jewish. They would argue that Israel is anti-Jewish – do not ask me how, they just would.

    Why should we be surprised? It is fact. It has been fact for quite a number of years now. So in America the BDS movement is a response to an upity Israel defiantly not cooperating with the Left narratives. And their opposition to Israel in this regard is not timid.

    Being on the Left is vastly more important for American Jews than is Israel. In the beginning a soft leftism was supportive of Israel. Many Zonist came out of the Socialist Movement. Left labor unions were strong supporters of Israel. The Democratic Party once upon of time was strong for its support of Israel.

    The Establishment in th US was never a strong supporter of Israel. nd as American Jews joined the Establishment they gladly increased their hostility to the Jewish State. As Radicalism took over in America they followed suit.

    The segments in American Society that support Israel are known. Just as some Presbyterians are becoming vocal hostile critics of Israel, so too with American Jewish elements. And they aren;t timid about it at all.

  4. Scott Kirwin:

    The irony of course is that Israel itself is much more to the Left than the US. I’ve always thought of it as a socialist country perhaps due to the collectivist impulses inherent to Judaism.

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