The Fact the GOP Leadership Is Stunned Says it All

For five years now the GOP leadership has fought the grassroots of the party, both the conservatives and libertarians who make up the core wings of the party. In 2010 they ignored the message of the Tea Party revolt, and worse, blamed the Tea Party for the loss of the senate. In 2012 they ignored the enthusiasm shown by the core for the “anybody but Mitt” search, shoving the establishment candidate down the throats of the party rank and file. The leadership then ignored the resulting lack of enthusiasm that kept a good chunk of the party core at home, allowing Obama to win re-election.

The party faithful want the leadership to attack the administration on the immigration fiasco, the VA scandal and the Bergdahl – Terrorist Swap – and the leadership wants to make a deal with the president on immigration reform. It’s even turning its back on attacking Obamacare even as the law grows worse and less popular.

So the party spends a shed-load of cash on what was supposed to be a coronation of Eric Cantor, and the rabble in Virginia’s 7th grabbed their pitchforks instead, leaving the leadership “absolutely stunned.

And that says everything there is to say about  the GOP leadership.

Update: Fellow online writer and member of the Watcher’s Council VARight, who has played an active role in unseating Cantor as well as fighting the GOP establishment in his home state of VA, wrote about Dave Brat in a personal note:

The man teaches ethics and is an expert in third world economics. His platform was simple. The Republican Creed.
They are calling him TEA Party. He is not. He never attended a TEA Party meeting to my knowledge other than to speak. He is simply a guy that gets it.
This also spells the end of John Boehner. Not tomorrow, but his much talked about retirement will come sooner rather than later. I believe this will mark the day Boehner’s hold on power started a downhill spiral.
The implications of defeating a sitting House Leader losing a primary are huge. Not since 1994 with … Tom Foley – has this happened.
It has been a long road to get here, but Eric Cantor’s defeat sends a strong message to the world, but especially to Washington. There are consequences for your actions.

This fits a report by the Washington Examiner which showed Brat received no funding from Tea Party groups.

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