Guess I Am Racist Too

Allison Pearson writing for the Daily Telegraph lays out the end result of political correctness run amok in her piece, Are We All Racists Now. She starts with a conversation between her children, her mother and herself when  her kids call her mother “racist” for using the term “negro spiritual.”

“Grandma is not racist…“Heinrich Himmler is a racist. Grandma, not so much.”

“Who’s Henry Himmer?”

“Heinrich HIMMLER was a foul, Jew-exterminating, Nazi fiend whom your grandmother’s parents and their whole generation fought a world war to defeat in order that she could sit here 70 years later and be called racist by her sanctimonious and ungrateful grandchildren. Anyone for crumble?”

She then takes on the rising tide of the European Right which makes me wonder whether Great Britain’s experience be the future of America’s.

As shell-shocked politicians from the main parties struggle to discern the causes of Ukip’s deafening electoral success, here’s a tip: look in the mirror, chaps! It is politicians, not the British people, who are to blame for a resurgence in racism; politicians who have ignored public opinion and created the conditions in which resentments fester and grow. Specifically, though not exclusively, it is New Labour who welcomed workers from the new, accession countries of the EU at a time when countries such as France and Germany wisely exercised their right to keep them out for another seven years. According to Jack Straw, this was a “spectacular” error. And Jack should know, because he was Home Secretary at the time. The plan of Tony Blair’s government, as laid bare by Andrew Neather, then a Blair speechwriter, was to banish that old, hideously white, retrograde England and usher in a new, vibrant, multicultural country which, rather conveniently, would vote Labour. Mr Blair now works in international conflict resolution, having stored up enough conflict in his homeland to keep future generations busy for centuries.

America appears to be on the cusp of granting millions citizenship. The government is scrambling to care for tens of thousands of children crossing illegally into the US apparently in the hope of being granted citizenship. Pearson suggests that the elites in Europe have lost touch with the common people, and that the common people are beginning to revolt. And the Democrats and their Republican allies aren’t ready for it.

The Democrats see the demographics of the immigrants and become positively giddy. These immigrants aren’t coming from libertarian meccas like Switzerland. They are coming from collectivist societies where they were taken care of by the government so they’re expected to vote Democrat, although if that worked so well, why are they leaving? Big labor sees more dues paying members in the few remaining private sector unions.  The GOP supporters are in the pockets of big business. They see the world in purely supply and demand terms. By boosting the supply of workers the cost of labor will go down, which is just peachy for businesses that employ lots of low-skilled labor in the food processing, service and manufacturing industries.

Because of the demographics in my area, I tend to associate with some very decent people from humble circumstances. These people will be directly impacted by the immigrants. They will compete directly with them for jobs and will have to suffer lower wages as a result of the increased supply of labor. At the same time their taxes will go up to pay for the increased services consumed by the newcomers. Now imagine a situation where America was flooded by lawyers, businessmen and wealthy immigrants. The price of attorneys and salaries of company leaders would tumble, while at the same time the costs of beach homes in the Outer Banks and prime properties in the Hamptons and Cape Cod would skyrocket. One wonders whether the elites would brand themselves as “racist” for questioning the flood of immigrants as those on the Right here and in Europe have been.

Such a wave of high-skilled, wealthy immigrants isn’t possible. The door has always been open for those, and there simply is fewer of those than there are low-skilled and unskilled poor people in the world. But it would be nice if the elites experienced life as an ordinary citizen or even TRIED to imagine life. I suppose it’s much easier to turn them into non-entities, vaporizing them in a flash from their thoughts with the term “racist.”

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  1. Winston Smith:

    What our ciltural marxist ahem! “friends” fail to take into account is that the immigrants first move upon being granted a green card ? Is that they go and buy a gun! Also that they arent eager to destroy the US and many become very conservative! Either way the clueless left will find out it is not going to work. Freedom isnt free and the majority of America supports our constitution and will defend it! Dont care where your from after all . If you will or have taken the oath and intend to keep it? Then you are a brother or sister of mine.

  2. Babylonandon:

    As far as our elites – which are the real problem – once you’ve convinced yourself that you are not part of the same race of people that makes up most of the rest of your countrymen and that you are now a superior being endowed with the right of rule over those you see as vermin and property … you rapidly arrive at the point where you want to be able to breed those vermin that have the most desirable characteristics to be your slaves.

    Those characteristics do NOT include a desire for individual Freedom, a failure to respect/worship people who are rich and powerful, and an appreciation for acquiring sufficient weaponry to make oneself a potential threat to a wannabe divinity.

    Better for the rich and powerful to replace these “Substandard” peasants with peoples from cultures whose focus on family and survival make them more amenable to servitude.

  3. Lee:

    My suggestion is that the parental “rights” of these kids’ parents should be terminated, since they abandoned them. These kids would then be eligible for adoption. This would help stop parents from doing this to their shicldren, and it would obviate the “family reunification” their families are counting on.

    Of course, this won’t happen, since to the DemProgs, blood ties triumph everything, and even the worst genetic parent is better than an adoptive one, as far as they are concerned. And they also have made it practically impossible for anyone in the country to adopt a child of a different ethnic group. So as far as the DemProgs are concerned, only Hispanic couples can adopt Hispanic kids.

    Even though it is unlikely to happen, I think even someone seriously PROPOSING that the parental rights be terminated will stem the tide…

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