I am a proud parent and devoted husband. I rescue animals – dogs, cats and even chickens. Although I am not a vegan I sympathize with those who are because it’s hard to deny that meat involves murder. I respect life so I am against abortion but do not believe the Law should be used to prevent it making me both pro-life and pro-choice. I have no problem with gay marriage and have been blessed in my life with friends some of whom are gay.  I founded this journal because I needed to speak out against the slaughter of innocents, the men and women of all races and economic backgrounds  that died on Tuesday September 11, 2001. The events in Newtown, Aurora, and other massacres over the years as well as the thousands killed everyday around the world in the name of G-d sicken me.

I am also a member of the NRA. Now some people want to kill me because I own guns and believe that self-protection is a human right.

All I can say is one word:


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    [...] myself until recently. In the past I’ve argued in support of gun ownership on the basis that self defense is a human right. I even have a bumper sticker on my car to that effect. But the 2nd Amendment is much more sublime. [...]

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