Fight Global Warming

The New Scientist frets that the forestation of the arctic tundra is bad news for the planet:

A 10-year study across eight countries reveals that rising temperatures will kill off lichen and moss across up to 40 per cent of the tundra, while encouraging woody plant species to grow in their place. The trees and shrubs will then accelerate warming because dark vegetation absorbs more solar radiation.

To make matters worse, it turns out that plants are responsible for “10 to 30% of the methane pumped into the atmosphere.” Methane is an even worse greenhouse gas the carbon dioxide – which one should remember is also released by plants.

As currently written, the Kyoto Protocol views planting trees and discouraging logging as a long-term solution to fighting global warming. However, new thinking is called for.

This is called for:
An Environmentalist Fights Global Warming

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