Why I’m Jonesing for a Twinkie This Morning

18,500 workers are getting schooled on free market capitalism this morning after Hostess, maker of American icon the Twinkie, filed papers liquidating the company after weathering strikes by unions refusing pay cuts for their workers in order for the company to exit bankruptcy. Hostess had already reached an agreement with its largest union, the Teamsters, which reviewed the company’s finances and warned the smaller Bakery, Confectioners and Tobacco workers, and the Grain Millers international union that the company was in dire straits, recommending acceptance of the company plan to stave off liquidation. Unfortunately for 18,500 union and non-union Hostess employees the unions ignored company threats to liquidate, and now are facing unemployment as America awakens to life without the Twinkie for the first time in 82 years. I’m sure First Lady Michelle Obama and New York City Mayor Bloomberg will be rejoicing given their vilification of snack foods, some of which has dented the snack maker’s profitability. 18,500 unemployed workers also means 18,500 more on unemployment, waiting for positions to open up in the lucrative high-tech fields of grain milling and tobacco working. To make the time pass quickly they might want to check out the Ludwig von Mises Institute or pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

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