7:23 PM

The Kid and I are driving back from a trip to the mall and other various errands in the City. I’m driving into the darkness of the setting sun on a North Carolina road with Pandora streaming alternative hits from the ‘80s on the stereo. We talk about bad drivers since he will soon cross another line separating him from childhood, and he makes a joke that makes me laugh. He is becoming a man, independent from his parents, and will sooner than I want will be on his own, chasing his dreams, and driving roads I will never see. I glance at the clock, 7:23 pm, and for a moment I wish we are driving into the night together talking and laughing forever. As all moments must it passes into memory, but if I could stretch out a moment from an instant into an eternity, it would be this one.

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  1. NavyOne:

    I love Pandora. I have all types of music on mine, from subversive to bluegrass. Love the prose, btw. . .

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