You Can’t Turn a Tiger Into a Kitten By Stroking It

The term for the day is “Goo-Goo Genocidaires.”

This 2010 Walter Russell Mead post introduces the term and defines it thus:

“...the willfully blind reformers, civil society activists, clergy, students and others whose foolishness and ignorance was a necessary condition for tens of millions of deaths in the last hundred years. Unreflective, self-righteous ‘activists’ thought that to espouse peace was the same thing as to create or safeguard it. As a result, tens of millions died. Unless this kind of thinking is exposed and repudiated, it is likely to lead to as many or more deaths in the 21st.”

Anyone who believes Islam is a religion of peace while ignoring acts of intolerance committed today in its name is a goo-goo genocidaire. Anyone who believes that it is okay that Iran develop the Bomb because after all we have it, so why shouldn’t they is a goo-goo genocidaire. One who believes in peace at all cost no matter what the price in terms of blood and slavery is a goo-goo genocidaire.

I am a peaceful man by nature and generally eschew violence. But I am also an avid historian and understand that peace often has a price that is not born by the goo-goo genocidaires in the same way that death and destruction are shouldered by those who support just war.

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  1. NavyOne:

    Goo-Goo Genocidaires. I like that. I’ve been around a lot of this ilk and have been questioned by them why someone like myself would join the military. Their thought is that the US military is the cause of a lot of the issues worldwide. . .

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