Firing the SCAR MK16

It’s been awhile since I posted about guns. Since moving out to the hinterlands they’ve become an integral part of my life and I don’t really think about them much except when I run low on ammo or need to clean them. But it doesn’t take much except for a trip to one of the best shooting ranges I’ve been to rekindle the gun-toting muse within, especially when she hands me the finest assault rifle I’ve ever shot, the SCAR MK16.

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Much has been written about this rifle, how SOCOM considered it as a replacement for the M4 and turned it down, and how shooters either love it or hate it. Count me in the former camp, and my only regret is that I simply cannot justify the expense to buy it, especially when I add in the cost of ammo to support the addiction that would come with the purchase. I won’t bore you with the details about the gun, and instead will let you know my thoughts on it.

Would you like to fire a .223 round, hit exactly where you were aiming 25 yards down and not feel any recoil? If so the SCAR MK16 is for you. I’ve fired .22s with more kick than this rifle, and I’d almost say you don’t feel it except you’ll feel the shockwave from the blast but not the recoil. For a novice shooter like me it was easy to fire on semi-auto and stay on target at all times. I was firing tight groups standing up with a bum elbow no less and found the recoil was nearly completely eaten up by the mass of the firearm. This was no doubt helped by the red dot scope that was mounted on the weapon, but I nonetheless felt like I was holding a giant staple gun that reached across the yards and put holes exactly where I wanted them. It was a remarkable feeling and one that I haven’t had firing any other assault rifle including the AR-15, Mini-14 and AK-47. The control I got with that weapon, perfectly balanced on my center of mass as I stood in a modified Weaver stance, made me feel for the first time in my life like I was a marksman. It was a great feeling.

A common complaint is that the gun feels cheap due to its polymer body. I have nothing against polymer, and some of my favorite guns including the Beretta CX-4 and PX-4 use them. Still there was something about the SCAR’s polymer that made it feel cheap. I felt that if I dropped it on the floor the thing would shatter. This was an irrational feeling of mine brought out by the type of polymer used on the weapon, and I didn’t test it. Still I could see why a soldier used to steel and wood would hesitate when presented with the weapon.

Overall, while the military might not be a fan of the SCAR MK16, I sure am. It was a joy to shoot, and my only regret is that my budget doesn’t justify buying one. If yours does, find a range that has one and see for yourself. Chances are you’ll agree that the SCAR MK16 is one of the finest assault weapons around.

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  1. Chad:

    I haven’t shot one, they do have one at our rental range, so might decide to give it a shot tonight, who knows.

    Here’s a great pic for you though:

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