BlogBurst Friday for Free Speech

Being a contrarian, I tend to avoid moving with the crowd. So when Lee Stranahan came up with the idea of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day,” and my mailbox became full with chatter of my blogger friends, I initially ignored it.

But even more than moving with the crowd I hate bullies, and in my humble opinion Brett Kimberlin is a bully – a convicted terrorist nicknamed “The Speedway Bomber” who was found civilly responsible for the suicide of one of his victims as detailed in this International Business Times piece. Fast forward to the present, and now he’s head of a foundation that has received $1.8 million from George Judenrat Soros’s Tides Foundation. But once a terrorist always a terrorist, and Kimberlin, as reported by the International Business Times has allegedly taken to threatening right wing bloggers, forcing Robert Stacy McCain to flee his house.

For more information click here.

If libertarian and right wing bloggers had a convicted terrorist among our ranks we would be pilloried, and rightly so. Yet somehow bombers like Kimberlin and Bill “Premature Detonation” Ayers get feted by the Left. Why? Because for the Left the ends always justifies the means.

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