Things to Do Without Thinking

Things to do without thinking – because you’ll talk yourself out of it and later regret it.

Travel to East Africa – There is no other place in the world like it. Everything is stronger under the equatorial sun in East Africa. The colors are brighter. The people more beautiful, their foods more exquisite. Even their vegetables and coffee tastes stronger.

Listen to an old person – We tend not to think of them, and often times avoid them – as if age is a disease that we can catch from them. We also belittle them at times for being “out of touch” or confused by accoutrements of modern day life. However when we listen to them, a whole world of experiences we cannot imagine opens up, and in the end we are humbled and relish our youth while we still can.

Have children – Nature has ways of making sure we listen to our instincts, but while we may attempt to control it or channel it, there is nothing more fulfilling than accepting our role of parenting. Parenthood is the time when we switch from taking from the world to giving back, from selfishness to selflessness. It is a demarcation in life, a visible line in the sand of Time that once crossed, we can never return. Children are the very representation and essence of Life, and there can be no greater duty or joy than nurturing them.

Cultivate Faith – All human beings have spiritual needs, for explanations that resist explanation or fears that cannot be rationalized away. We are more than the sum of our parts, although what that “more” really is has been debated and sought after for hundreds of millennia. To have no faith in anything is to walk a path that ends in Nihilism – the true Hell of our time.

Everything – As the Zen Buddhist koan states, “chop wood, carry water.” The goal is complete focusing on the journey, on each task at hand with no worry about the past or future. Doing without thinking, leading to “right action” and later, enlightenment.

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