Google Reader Changing the Way I Follow Blogs (and About Freakin’ Time)

Sometimes I’m a little slow about these things, so please ignore this post if you are already familiar with Google Reader . Up until last week I wasn’t familiar with that little app from Google, and as an avid blogger I did things the old fashioned way: I typed out or bookmarked the URLs of my favorite websites. Inevitably I would focus more on the aggregators  like Instapundit or Drudge, but I wanted something more personal – like an opinion section of my own newspaper. I also wanted to expand my universe of the blogs I followed. I’ve been writing this journal for almost 10 years and during that time I’ve found some very good blogs – but inevitably something new and shiny distracts me and I forget them. The Internet fat-tail enough, and I’ve gotten tired of the usual suspects quoted by Glenn Reynolds. After searching around for RSS readers, I discovered Google Reader – and it’s exactly what I needed.

Simply sign in to your Gmail account, then type the URL of your favorite blog. It then does the rest. It even has an app for Android, so following your favorite blogger is easy – even if she only posts once in Blue Moon, come that day her post will appear in your own personalized “opinion section.” Welcome to the 2000’s! Now if we could only get Bush back into the White House somehow…

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  1. Debbie Right Truth:

    I’ve used Bloglines and NewsGater in the past, I think they both went belly up, then I started with Google Reader and have been with it for some time now. Love it. Easy to use.

  2. Ingrid:

    bloglovin’ is the way to go for blog reading for certain. The experience is top notch and there is a fantastic iPhone app that makes blog reading extremely easy and enjoyable.

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