Cut a Check Warren

Here’s an idea.

Warren Buffett thinks he makes too much money – and I agree. He is a big supporter of Obama, and Barry has a big drag on his brand courtesy of a little green outfit called Solyndra. Solyndra took a half billion from taxpayers and promptly went belly-up. It’s CEO had visited the Obama White House 16 times, and was a big “bundler” of donations for the ‘08 Obama campaign yet the administration is pulling a Sargent Schultz.

So here’s Uncle Warren’s opportunity: Cut a check for half a billion pay to the order of the US Treasury. That way he can assuage his guilt for being a corporate rapist, Obama can continue to promote green jobs without choking on his arugula, and my taxes can go to worthwhile things – like smart bombs that send jihadis to virgin-land.

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  1. Steven:

    Simple, elegant, and proof of their ideals that they want to apply to us, actually being lived by those that espouse it.


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