September 11, 2011

10 years ago America changed and so did I. Is it for the better? History will decide – but for the first time in 10 years I am optimistic about our future. Part of it is seeing the rebirth of Ground Zero, a project that I was initially opposed to. From what I’m seeing it is truly beautiful and a fitting memorial for those who died on what has become the most sacred ground in my country. Another part of my optimism is seeing interviews with the children of those who died. They symbolize hope for a future that didn’t exist 10 years ago today, and one that our enemies failed to destroy.

A constant theme in this journal is encapsulated in this post written after the birth of Adam Pearl, son of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl.

There are Destroyers among us – those who seek to destroy whatever we build. We create skyscrapers that caress the clouds, and they destroy them. We build peace between nations, and they destroy it. We nurture understanding between faiths – and they destroy it. And even in the ashes of despair we create hope – and they seek to destroy that as well.

They blow up children instead of educating and loving them. They kill and maim instead of healing and comforting. They speak hatred and lies instead of Love and Truth. They reap what other’s sow then burn the fields and plow salt into the land. They hide in darkness and pray to a disfigured god – twisted by their own ideas and horrific visions into something debased and foul.

Why do they do this one may wonder? No one knows. Perhaps it is because it is harder to create a life than to take it; it is much harder to negotiate a peace then to declare war; it is easier to send a skyscraper tumbling to the earth than build one to touch the sky. And in the end, their efforts are futile for one can never truly destroy anything. Sure they may take a man’s life, but like a tree that sprouts shoots from its stump, his dreams live on. They may send a building tumbling to earth, but it is not long before the efforts to rebuild begin. They may cause a war, but eventually the dust settles and peace covers the battlefield.

Destruction is futile and ephemeral. Creation is eternal. This is a Truth that the Destroyers cannot realize for if they did they would know their own madness and stop. It is something that Science has glimpsed when it discovers that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only changed. Creation is energy: Life is energy. Within every destructive act their are the seeds of creation – and that is something that the Destroyers can never destroy.

The perpetrators of 9-11 sought to destroy us that day. They failed. We are still here and we are creating, building, and loving just as we always have – and God willing – always will.

9-11 Memorial in Light 2003
Never Forget

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  2. Joseph:

    Well said, Kirwin.

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