The New Judenrat – Jewish Collaborators of the 21st Century

I’ve always been fascinated by the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust. I’m also interested in the Irish who sat out World War 2 as neutral, but that is another essay. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Jewish collaborators since learning billionaire George Soros was one of them, a teenaged judenrat who helped the Nazis expropriate Jewish property, and it’s difficult for me to think of the wealthy, powerful man today without considering the assistance he gave the Nazis who annihilated his own kind. I throw the word judenrat around a lot when I write about him, and it’s good for me to consider exactly what the word means. This article serves as a reminder of the potency of the term.

The more I learn about these collaborators, the more I cannot understand leftist Jewish groups like J-Street and people like new DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. While the original judenrat could be excused for not being aware of the scale of the Holocaust or its corporate nature, no such excuses can be used by Jews today when faced by the attitudes of Islamists towards the Jewish people and their state of Israel. While the judenrat under the Nazi occupation had the likes of Adam Czerniakow, judenrat leader of the Warsaw ghetto and Chaim Rumkowski of the Lodz ghetto, today’s judenrat are led by the likes of New York Times writer Thomas Friedman, Noam Chomsky and Human Rights Watch’s Ken Roth. Czerniakow made notes in his diary about having to provide the Nazis with 7,000 names to send to “work camps in the East.” He could at least console himself with thinking that the people he named had a chance of surviving at these camps. He wouldn’t have known that most would be gassed or shot immediately upon their arrival. He also didn’t have much choice. Those judenrat who refused German orders were shot, and their families either joined them against the wall or met their end in a concentration camp.

Not so the likes of Friedman, Chomsky and their followers. They live and speak freely in the West. No government is forcing them to create 21st century blood libels like that promulgated by Richard Goldstone in the Goldstone Report. No one is threatening to gas their families if they refuse to spread lies about Israel and Jews. Ken Roth of HRW spends George Soros’s money propagandizing relentlessly against Israel while remaining silent on the atrocities committed by its neighbors. No, the modern judenrat choose to collaborate with their people’s enemies by choice. The original judenrat couldn’t believe that their gentile friends in Poland, the villages their families had lived in for centuries, the nations that they called home would turn on them and “process” them the way cows are “processed” at the slaughterhouse. Today’s judenrat are well aware of the threats Jews face because Islamist groups like Hezballah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza make their intentions all too plain. Today Hamas shot an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus, and looks forward to rearming once a new Egyptian government is seated and removes its blockade on the Gaza Strip. Iran has made clear it plans to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, as a new secret nuclear site is revealed by an Iranian opposition group. Hezballah rearms under the noses of UN “peacekeepers” in South Lebanon waiting for orders from the regime in Tehran.

Meanwhile efforts to delegitimize Israel continue apace in Europe and the United States. This effort capitalizes on the complexity, history and general ignorance of the Arab-Israeli conflict (e.g. the demand that Israel should allow the “right to return” for displaced Palestinians but failing to recognize that such a demand effectively ends the state of Israel), to blur the line between criticism of Israeli government policies and actions, and the right of the state of Israel to exist. This hasn’t been helped by the overreaction of Israeli supporters to label all criticism as “anti-Semitic” (I personally was called a “nazi” and “skinhead” at a town hall meeting for speaking out against a proposed expansion of a Chabad Lubavitch community center in my neighborhood), and the tendency for Jews in the West to be more liberal and open-minded than non-Jews. While some of these liberal Jews may hope that the growing ideological alliance between the Left and Islamists would fall apart if Israel gave up settlements in the West Bank and neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, such sentiment ignores the rising background “noise” of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe and the United States.

As a gentile and long-time supporter of Israel I am often amazed at how some Jews can ignore 5,000 years of oppression – massacres, pogroms, expulsions – and support the people and ideas that strive to carry these practices into the 21st century. While Hamas lacks the opportunity and manpower the Nazis had at their disposal, only the most delusional Jew could think that the Islamists would not slaughter the Jews in their beds given the opportunity – as proven by the attack on the Fogel family. One in three Palestinians think it’s a good thing to stab a month old infant, a three year old and an eleven year old in their beds – yet the modern judenrat selectively ignore such behavior and attitudes and continue to provide moral cover for their killers. These Jews may not realize it themselves, but their actions prove they hold the belief that the destruction of Israel would solve all these problems, ignoring the oppression that is behind Israel’s founding in the first place. It’s as if the Holocaust or any other of the countless atrocities perpetrated against the Jewish people ever happened, or worse, that the Jewish people deserved its fate.

Today’s judenrat believe that the Jewish people can survive without the state of Israel, and accept that Zionism or Zionist are pejorative terms. I would have hoped that the Holocaust would have put that belief to rest, but the systematic slaughter of 6 million capping the deaths of hundreds of thousands in expulsions, massacres and pogroms evidently wasn’t enough.

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  1. G:


    Congrats for an interesting blog and well thought posts.

    As a Jew & Israeli, my perspective on this is different.
    1st, I think you are mixing two separate phenomenons:

    The Jewish collaboration with the Nazis was mostly about survival, people got themselves out of the “quotas” being sent to the death camps or had their property and status protected (for a while) by helping the Germans ‘manage’ their own brethren.
    These people did not act out of some deep conviction or political belief but cynicism & self preservation. In some cases, the extremity of the situation makes it impossible for us to judge them.

    The “regular” self-hating Jews like Chomsky & friends are a different breed altogether. They are not a new phenomenon, the middle ages, for example, saw plenty of Jews who willingly converted to Christianity and became zealous in the persecution of their own kind. This kind of self-hate is a direct result of being hated and living among those who hate foe so long.
    You end up believing the things they say about you…

    In the Modern day, this comes with a twist: Since the “enlightenment” of German Jews and the birth of secular Judaism, Jews have pursued the ideas of secular ideologies that replace religion. The whole point of these ideas is annulling your Jadishness with them, becoming part of a ‘greater’ group & cause, being it Communism, Humanism, etc.

    Its kind’a like Belgium, the most staunch supporters of the European union, partly because their own national identity is such a mess.

    Jewish nationalism is directly in contradiction to this approach, and no wonder you have Jews of distinction opposing it. Furthermore, Israel is now targeted as the new “bad Jew” and is being slammed with all the good “oldies”: Controlling the world/US (Israel lobby), oppressing the unfortunates of the world (Palestinians), etc’.

    Anyway, just to finish with a nice Jewish joke on the subject:

    Two Jews living through the great depression in the 30’s see a sign on a church: “Embrace Jesus and receive a 5,000$ tribute to start your new like as a Christian”.

    The two argue, one decides that to support his family he will go for it and the other decides to remain Jewish despite the hardships – and with this they part.
    A couple of years later, they accidentally meet and the Jewish guy asks the convert: “Well, did you get the 5,000$?” The convert looks at him and says: “You Jews, always thinking about money..”


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  7. Eric-Odessit:

    Great article, right on the money.
    Just out of curiosity: what did you find problematic with Chabad in your neighborhood?

  8. Scott Kirwin:

    I detail my experience here:

    It was a shame how the whole thing went down. The young rabbi had taken over the congregation from his father (if memory serves). I got the sense the younger rabbi wanted to prove himself as a strong leader, but his father would have gotten the job done without earning the acrimony of the neighbors. Like I said: people have long memories and I have really gone out of my way to avoid conflict with neighbors.

    Still, I appreciate the irony of being called a Nazi considering that I’m probably more of a Zionist than many Philly-area Jews.

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