Gifford Assassination Attempt Politicized by Liberals

I have never bought the “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” line. This line was a favorite of the Left during the Reagan-Bush years, then disappeared from bumper stickers during the Clinton years only to reappear alongside even worse bumper stickers during the administration of George W. Bush. Now the slogan has disappeared again, but this time, worse is afoot.

The attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a Jewish woman, by Jared Lee Loughner, a man who out tin-foils tin-foil hat wackos everywhere, is being turned into a political cudgel to slam government critics. So far Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party activists have borne the brunt of these attacks, but a low-level smear campaign is underway in social media such as Facebook. To be sure, this is no Kristallnacht for the Right, but it is clear that elements of the Left are going to get their hands bloody by using this tragedy for political gain in a way that Conservatives are incapable of doing.

The problem for the Right is that personal responsibility is one of its core values and it is difficult for us to blame a movement for the actions of one man. But the Left has no such qualms. The Left views people as incapable of free will and sees them instead as pawns used by greater forces and therefore fundamentally a victim. To a conservative a murderer is responsible for his actions and may pay for them with his life. A liberal sees that same murderer as an indictment of the society that bred and raised him, and believes that Society shares in some of the blame for his deed, if not all of it.

The same dynamic is in play now. Loughner is clearly crazy, as any man who cites such politically disparate books as Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as inspirations – on top of rants about literacy, gold backed currency and conscience dreaming whatever that is. Loughner was not a member of any known political organization – unlike Obama fanatic Amy Bishop and Jacob J. Ward, both registered Democrats, or Norman Leboon, a man who threatened to kill another Jew in Congress, Eric Cantor. Leboon donated money to the Obama campaign, yet all these wackos who voted Democrat were quickly forgotten by the sympathetic press. The Right condoned this forgetfulness because it saw these people for what they were: nutjobs who were responsible for their own actions. Few on the Right would have blamed the Democratic party for their actions – and rightly so in my view.

But the Left has raced to use Loughner against the Right even though Giffords wasn’t liked by the Left. Giffords, aside from being a Jew, was a conservative Democrat, a member of the Blue Dogs who supported Gun Rights and a strong US foreign policy. Just two days before the shooting “BoyBlue” (it’s 2011: only cowards use fake names) wrote a scathing hit piece on DailyKos for Giffords’ vote against Nancy Pelosi for house minority leader. Following in Josef Stalin’s footsteps, when the Left’s short-memory interferes with its agenda, it has no trouble airbrushing history: Kos has deleted that post, evidently forgetting that on the Internet unlike the good old days of Pravda, everything lives forever.

Nothing stops the Left from a good story, even when the facts are inconvenient – such as the lack of evidence tying Loughner to any right-wing group. At this time we don’t know what the shooter’s motives were. Was Giffords targeted for being Jewish? If so garden variety anti-Semitism could be to blame. Giffords may have been targeted by the Arizona Tea Party for defeat, but the truth is that Giffords is far more conservative as a Democrat than many Republicans. If Tea Partiers were as violent as the Left believes, there are far more liberal Democrats who would have to be worried – but the Tea Partiers are about as dangerous as a roomful of bingo players, and Liberals know it deep down. But the facts won’t stop them from sticking to the fiction that they regularly spew out.

And where the Left’s hypocrisy is particularly blatant (and galling to the Right) is with Islam. Here we have a whole religion full of extremists acting on orders from others, geared especially towards violence, and even former President Bill Clinton refuses to call the religion on the carpet, choosing instead to attack a fat man in Boca Raton. Take the example of Ft Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan. Hasan was in communication with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader Anwar al-Awlaki, yet we were told time and time again not to jump to conclusions or blame Islam for the actions of one man.

So Liberals blame the Conservatives for the actions of a nutjob acting alone attacking a conservative Jewish politician, but does not blame Islam for the calm and deliberate actions of a man acting on behalf of self-described leaders of the religion (and its founder)?

Maybe they should try some of that conscience dreaming.

UPDATE: Make that a high level smear campaign. The Guardian – the Lefty newspaper that cannot blame Islam for acts committed in its name has no trouble with smearing the American Right. Given the Guardian’s love affair with Saddam Hussein, Islamic fascists and anti-Semites on the Left, it’s rather ironic to see the newspaper up in arms about a wounded Jew.

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  1. Jack:


    You wrote: “Few on the Right would have blamed the Democratic party for their actions – and rightly so in my view.”

    That seems to be in contradiction to a commentary you wrote that I believe was titled “When Democrats attack”. The very title itself suggests that ‘attacking’ is the trait of Democrats.

    I see absolutely no difference between the reaction from either the right or left to nutjobs who even loosely appear to having an association to the opposing side. The fact of the matter is, most people in this country are registered to one of the two major parties. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be the major parties. So every single killer out there, that bothers to vote, is most likely voting for one or the other party. At the end of the day, these people are just nutjobs. And yes, the left is salivating about this. But the right does the same thing.

  2. Scott Kirwin:

    In that post the members of the Hutaree Militia were painted by the media initially as right wing anti-government types. It turns out that they were Democrats; in fact I haven’t paid much attention to the case but I think it eventually fell apart. But they were first thought to be right wingers – as was the Times Square bomber by Mayor Bloomberg ( You can see why people like me on the right are a little sensitive about this subject.

    The initial reaction by the mainstream media is to look for an explanation, and that explanation usually says more about the person looking for a reason than it does about the person actually doing the deed. I wrote about that very topic in my very first post on my blog, Rorschach Test for the Left ( Since the mainstream media is mostly liberal, that explanation tends to favor liberal explanations.

    But honestly I am more interested in why the Liberals are so quick to equate lone assassins with a larger movement rather than terrorists, especially ones screaming “Allahu akhbar.” Why are they tying Loughner to the Right but not the Time Square bomber or Major Hasan with Islam? Those guys are viewed as contrary to Islam yet Islam – major factions of it at least – justify and condone their actions, while no group on the Right condones Loughner’s actions.

    Islam is the elephant in the Liberal’s well-furnished room. It won’t surprise me a bit if Gifford was shot for being a Jew more than the “D” after her name, but most likely she was attacked for no reason whatsoever.

  3. Jack:


    I appreciate your reply and your concerns about terrorism. But that’s not what I was commenting on. My point was both sides point the finger of blame to the other side. Period. You do it yourself. There are both left-wing and right-wing nutjobs. But mostly, the nutjobs seem to be a blend of shared mishmashed paranoid extremist views from both sides. (Try to say that five times fast.)

  4. Scott Kirwin:

    It is possible that both sides are blind to the extremism committed by their own sides, but the list compiled by Michelle Malkin – a victim of leftist attacks herself – is pretty long.

    But this shooting wasn’t an extremist act, contrary to what Hillary said in the Middle East today. Extremists act in very reasoned, methodical ways. Take the OK City Bombing. It was planned out for months in advance, and involved recon and practice runs. Ditto both attacks on the World Trade Center and pretty much any homicide bombing.

    Loughner was a nut; my only question today – after seeing pictures of a skull shrine in his parents backyard – is why they didn’t have him locked up.

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