California: SNAFU

I guess things are so screwed up in California that the few Republicans left in the state had lost their minds. How else would they select Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina to run for the high-profile governorship and senate office? Whitman skated through eBay’s salad days and made its first stupid acquisition (Skype – the first of many), and Fiorina almost ruined HP. Fiorina was a particularly galling choice. Among IT circles she’s considered as the Outsourceress, sacrificing jobs in lunatic schemes that sent the venerable and highly respected company to the brink of bankruptcy. Replacing a bitch (“Madam” Barbara Boxer) with a witch (Outsourceress Fiorina) is not presenting Californians with much of a choice, and the day after the election one wonders why the state party selected both candidates to represent them. Since California has open primaries, is it possible that the Democrats sabotaged the Republicans by picking the best possible opponents for their standard bearers?

If so then perhaps the Republicans did the same by “helping” them select Jerry Brown – the epitome of 1970’s bad government. Why the Democrats seriously considered the geriatric Brown who led California to insolvency in the 1970’s to lead them again – and Californians voted for Brown to lead them to the same outcome nearly forty years later – is a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is the likely federal bailout of the state that looms on the horizon.

I wonder if the US could trade California to China for all the IOUs we’ve given them. Since Brown’s progressive politics isn’t much different than China’s domestic politics, and the way progressives like Tom Friedman idolize all-things Chinese, perhaps the trade might benefit Californians as much as it benefits the rest of the nation to free itself from its Chinese overlords.

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  1. kalashnikat:

    With a Republican house majority, a bailout of California which would set precedents for bailouts of NY and other dem strongholds is not bloody likely, IMHO

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  4. Rob Miller:

    Thumbs up on this one, Razor. Fiorina and Whitmanwere HORRIBLE candidates, not just in terms of their records but in terms of their personas

  5. Scott Kirwin:

    Being in IT I knew both candidates well. I still can’t believe they got as far as they did, but then again, another tech jobs horror-show named Harris Miller came close to beating Jim Webb in the VA democratic senate primary in 2006.

    I fought hard to get Webb through the primary and even though I belong to the GOP I have no regrets. I’d cross party lines and vote for Webb in a heart-beat and wish he’d come back to the GOP.

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