Out-Turking the Turk

One of the smartest men I know recently quoted an old Slovak proverb that states “Beware of the one turned Turk for he is more Turk than the Turk himself.” The saying has its origins in five hundred years ago when the Turkish empire kidnapped the children of Slavs and turned them into soldiers. Evidently they were far more fierce against their former countrymen than the native born Turkish soldiers.

I’m reminded of that saying when reading about this Jew turned Islamic radical. Like Adam “Mullah Fatboy” Gadahn, another American Jew turned Jihadi, these pathetic creatures feel compelled to prove that they aren’t Mossad spies to their new-found friends, while proving that they aren’t just wayward children to their blood relatives.

Mullah Fatboy
“Mullah Fatboy”, Aka Adam Gadahn

It’s a bit like “fag bashers” who feel compelled to beat up Gays in order to prove their masculinity and hide their homosexual desires. In their hearts the bashers know they are gay, and deep down these lads know they are Jews. They are born Jews, they bleed Jewish blood, and in the eyes of their masters they will always be Jews.

It’s pretty sad, but I won’t be saying Kaddish at what’s left of their remains after a Hellfire missile strike or in the case of the New York pedicab driver, a bus accident.

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  1. Horsecow:

    the scariest religious fundies are the ones that “found” religion, not the ones who grew up with and matured with religion.

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