Carter: Electoral Process Better in Venezuela than USA

Update: Instapundit didn’t link to this post, but he did link to this one that expresses the same thing. Money quote:

Jimmy Carter—who couldn’t find voter fraud in Venezuela if he had a 36% exit poll discrepancy….and he did—has found “voter fraud” in Florida in the form of a felon list that was rejected two months ago. And, in response to Florida’s rejection of that list, he claims “no steps” have been taken “to correct these departures”???

Former President Jimmy Carter states in a Washington Post opinion piece that a free election isn’t possible in Florida:

Carter, citing the experience of his Carter Center in monitoring international elections, said “some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida.”

This is the same former president who, in response to opposition claims that President Hugo Chavez rigged the balloting in the Aug 15, 2004 referendum, stated:

“We have no reason to doubt the integrity of the electoral process nor the accuracy of the referendum results,” Carter asserted at a news conference .

Nice to see that Christopher Hitchen’s adage that “Jimmy Carter never met a dictator he didn’t like” still holds.

More on Carter here.

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    Federal Government and Politics

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