Yale Muslim Students Uncomfortable, Unnurtured

Yale Muslim students are pissed about the appearance of Kurt Westergaard, a Danish cartoonist living under death threats for the portrayal of Prophet Muhammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb.
Members of the Yale Muslim Students Association have said they are “deeply hurt and offended” that Westergaard will speak on the New Haven, Conn., campus, though they do not plan to protest. The group said Yale fails to recognize the “religious and racial” sensitivities surrounding the matter.

“As an institution purportedly committed to making our campus an educational environment where all students feel equally comfortable, we feel that by hosting Kurt Westergaard Yale is undermining its commitment to creating a nurturing learning environment by failing to recognize the religious and racial sensitivity of the issue,” the group said in a statement.

“Certainly, it would be unlikely for a white supremacist or a Holocaust denier to be a distinguished guest speaker at Yale; hosting individuals who propagate hate is not only a disservice to the minorities that hate is directed towards but to the campus community as a whole.”

Since when has the mission of colleges – especially Ivy League ones – been to provide a “comfortable… nurturing learning environment”? Truth is not pretty. It is often brutal, ugly and downright unpleasant. Yet these students seem unaware of that fact. Instead they want the politically correct liberal arts equivalent of the Wiggles or the Teletubbies – where anything that could make a student squirm is scrubbed from the curriculum.

Worse, Yale and other colleges regularly host holocaust deniers.

Students get face time with Ahmadinejad
Sept. 28, 2009
Iranian foreign relations went from theory to reality for 17 students from the “Iran in International Relations since 1979” seminar last week when they attended a private reception with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City.

Before an audience of about 100 students from American universities on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad answered questions politely and effusively but avoided directly responding to controversial questions. Though students in attendance said Ahmadinejad’s arguments were logical, they disagreed with many of his statements, including his denial of existing scientific evidence that proves the Holocaust occurred.

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  2. unanon:

    “Truth is not pretty. It is often brutal, ugly and downright unpleasant”—-that may be so—but to portray a falsehood as truth is unwise and unethical. Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) was not a terrorist. If I were to take a picture of your family member whom you loved, and changed it to show that person in a “compromising” position—-I think you would be upset and hurt.—-Particularly if I insisted that as “freedom of speech”—-I had every right to publish it in a magazine so everyone around the world could see it!

  3. Scott Kirwin:

    There is a children’s aphorism that states “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” Evidently those offended by the cartoons haven’t learned the truth of that statement yet. Perhaps Muhammed was not a terrorist, but terrorists act in his name. As for offense, you have no right to not be hurt or offended by an image or statement.

    I am deeply offended regularly by the actions and statements of others. That does not give me a right to murder them. Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust – yet I have seen the tattoos on the survivors first hand. He has called for wiping out the state of Israel off the map; I have friends and loved ones who live there. Do his statements give me the right to pick up a gun to shoot him – or actively encourage others to do so?

    If you disagree with the cartoons, then make cartoons of your own. Indeed the editorial cartoonists in Muslim countries regularly portray Jews and Americans offensively. But you have no right whatsoever in a civilized society to silence the cartoonist himself or ban the publication of the cartoon.

  4. liamascorcaigh:

    “Worse, Yale and other colleges regularly host Holocaust deniers” – Very true and centre-right websites and commentators protest and demand that they be disinvited Explain the difference when leftists do the same. Live by aggrieved sensitivities, die by aggrieved sensitivities. The Right cannot use the tactics of Political Correctness when it suits their causes. Let’s have a free market in ideas. If it’s good enough for toothpaste it’s good enough for thought.

  5. Scott Kirwin:

    Absolutely. The solution to hate speech even more speech. The hate speech laws in my country aren’t being promoted by conservatives – they are coming from the liberals.

    Here’s a prime example.

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  7. Steve From Raleigh:

    I am 96% sure Yale will back down. That funding isn’t going to will itself into existence you know.

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