Mysteries of John Kerry’s War Record

The New York Post has an article written by the Powerline folks about Kerry’s war record. Since I just finished Unfit For Command Chapter 3, and am still digesting it (it’s much better than the previous chapter), this article will be a good substitute. Money quote:

Some questions that Kerry himself has yet to answer: When exactly did he enter Cambodia? Accidentally, or intentionally? If by accident, how did that lead him to lose faith in the government? If on a secret mission, what was its purpose? What is the name of the CIA man? Why is there no record of any Cambodia mission, even in Kerry’s journals? And why do Kerry’s crewmates and fellow officers unanimously deny that any such mission ever occurred?

Given this story and the one below, one would think we had travelled back in time 35 years today.

Just read the story again…

Kerry’s campaign has now admitted that his first Purple Heart wound may have been unintentionally self-inflicted, sustained when he exploded a hand grenade too close to shore. The Kerry camp has not responded substantively to questions on the discrepancies between his citation and his journal entries as published by his biographer.

This is a major issue in Chapter 3 of Unfit For Command. I hadn’t known this.

This means that John F. Kerry holds the first Purple Heart erroneously. That leaves JFK with two Purple Hearts, and a debt to the US Navy Reserves of 8 months of service.

I think he should serve it in Iraq. Maybe he could earn a Purple Heart.

The same guys on Kerry’s anti-war activities.

Yet another Vietnam Vet lays out the case against Kerry and his web of lies.

35 years of lies. I’m not a shrink, but that seems to qualify for the “pathological” label to me.

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