Conversation with a Marine

One of my commenters is having problems posting, so he emailed his thoughts instead. Here’s our conversation so far..

The Marine:
> Individual Responsibility, Individual Liberty, Smaller, Limited Government-

> After 20 years in The US Marines- where personal freedom and self
> expression were voluntarily limited in order to serve the greater
> good…

> I got my hopes up- then looked out to see Federal raids on state
> sanctioned medical marijuana operations, the Federal Defense of
> Marriage Act, The REAL ID Act of 2005, The National Minimum Drinking
> Age Act of 1984 (there has been time to fix it), Concealed carry
> permits that become void when one crosses from their home state onto
> National Park lands (recent rule change?), Federal Suspicionless
> Checkpoints, etc.

I can’t argue against your points because honestly I’m beginning to feel the same way myself. I always believed that we’d lose our freedom to a demagogue from the right – no doubt a belief that I picked up during my college days. However over the past year it’s clear to me that such a threat is really coming from the Left and the federal governmental bureaucracy that it helped build.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that the needs of the people and the needs of the government have diverged and the former is being forced to compromise to meet the latter. Truth is it’s our own damn fault. We have a bunch of selfish children who look up to the government to like a parent. The government that is increasingly taking over our lives is the surrogate parent that people want so that they can continue to live their lives irresponsibly and act like children.

Gamble on the housing market and lose? Get the government to kiss it and make it feel better. Losing a decent job? Get the government to save it for you instead of improving your skill set to get another one. Can’t afford to buy a house? Get the government to force the evil banks to guarantee your loan.

Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Obama and his Leftist buddies say “We’re the government. We’ll kiss your boo-boos and make them better. Just keep us in power.” JFK would no doubt be insulted to see what his vision and his party has turned into.

The Marine:

>So, when is it that we get to take delivery on these freedoms The Troops are fighting to protect and defend?

Unfortunately only after we, the people, demand them. But so far we are happier to trade them in for surrogate parents. The government takes away our responsibility for our own actions because we expect them to. Unfortunately one cannot be free without being responsible, so we lose our freedom.

But it’s not really a loss. You cannot lose something that you’ve willfully discarded. We, the people, have thrown our freedom away.

If the men who died on Iwo Jima and Okinawa could see today what they sacrificed for, they no doubt would shake their heads in disbelief. We no longer deserve their sacrifice – nor those of the fallen at Khe Sahn, Gettysburg, Ardennes and Inchon.

The Marine:
>Thanks for that- not ready to give up. Click here see a local protest this weekend.
>Why was I there? I object to internal, suspicionless checkpoints. We should not expect to >stop and answer the questions of federal agents if we are not crossing a border.

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  4. Ymarsakar:

    I always believed that we’d lose our freedom to a demagogue from the right – no doubt a belief that I picked up during my college days.

    Given such systemic penetration of the education system that controls the views of the new generations, are you really surprised that the population is now correctly willing to entertain an aristocratic “patronage” system from the Obamanation?

    These things started a long time ago. And it didn’t come from the Right.

  5. Scott Kirwin:

    I went to a private high school and was taught by the Jesuits. They are the ones who I credit for teaching me to think critically – not my professors in university – a good thing since I was taught by liberals and in one case an Israeli Marxist. He was at least honest about his biases. His class on revolution was provocative and taught me a lot about the Marxist interpretation of history.

    But the Jesuits had prepared me well – and I could sniff out the biases even when they weren’t apparent – as in the case of nearly all of my poli-sci profs.

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