Firing the S&W 1911 .45 ACP

With the Kid at school and a mandatory holiday from work I headed down to the range for a little “me time.” We’ve had our eyes on the Smith and Wesson 1911 .45 for awhile now, but since the experience with the .40 I wanted to try it out alone before I handed it over to the Kid.

Smith and Wesson 1911

This was my first time firing a large bore handgun, and the 1911 did not disappoint.  The gun felt substantial without being heavy and honestly kicked about as much as some of the smaller calibers I’ve fired. At 10 yards out after my first shot hit at the 8 mark, I hit 9 nine marks and the remaining 40 falling into the red 10+. The groupings were very narrow left-right, leading me to believe that had I focused more on my breathing I would have shot even better. This was some of the best shooting I’ve done with any handgun, and the accuracy of such a large bore weapon surprised me. The trigger was smooth without being squishy, giving me that bit of surprise when I was on target and triggering the round.

On the negative I did have a few jams ejecting the rounds and reloading. I attribute these to my modified weaver stance with married thumbs – or rather my failure to execute the stance properly. My right arm was slightly bent at the elbow so that when the round fired, my arm took some of the force that should have gone into moving the slide. Towards the end of the session I did manage to keep my arm solid in the stance without causing too much shake, but I think it would be much easier to fire the gun with a classic stance. Stronger arms would no doubt have helped too.

After finishing a box of 50 I switched to .22 do to price ($20 vs 100 rounds of .22 for $7) – but reluctantly. Even with the power of the .45 I probably could have shot another box without tiring.

Overall I’m very impressed with this weapon. For stopping power and accuracy this gun will serve you well.

A better review of the gun can be found at Gunblast.

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  1. Chad:

    Doncha just love shooting 1911? After I shot one I knew what everyone was talking about. The one I shot also had feeding issues, but mostly because it was a pretty beat up rental.
    I will say the best handgun I’ve shot for the actual results was the HK Tactical in .45. Big. Heavy. But very accurate. I wouldn’t want to carry one concealed but as a target gun it was damn sweet.
    But the 1911, being single stack, is much more comfortable to shoot I think.

  2. Scott Kirwin:

    After 9 months of 1-2x/week at Targetmaster, the Kid and I are getting pretty consistent. Last week we grabbed the Neo and within about 4 shots I knew the sights were off. Handed it to the Kid and he concurred. Range officer confirmed it. We then switched to a Remington .22 rifle, and at 25 yards the Kid said we had to sight about 3 inches below the target. It must have been set for 10 yards.

    It’s gotten really fun.

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