The Myth of Sustainable Living

File this one under “D” for “Duh…”

According to the researchers, people who regularly recycle rubbish and save energy at home are also the most likely to take frequent long-haul flights abroad. The carbon emissions from such flights can swamp the green savings made at home, the researchers claim.

Stewart Barr, of Exeter University, who led the research, said: “Green living is largely something of a myth. There is this middle class environmentalism where being green is part of the desired image. But another part of the desired image is to fly off skiing twice a year. And the carbon savings they make by not driving their kids to school will be obliterated by the pollution from their flights.”

Some people even said they deserved such flights as a reward for their green efforts, he added.

Hattip: The Deceiver

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  1. mgroves:

    I think they are certainly entitled to fly off to celebrate their self-satisfaction. What I don’t think they are entitled to is requiring me to be “green” like them.

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