Will Obama Pull an Eagleton?

Being from St. Louis and a former Democrat I have a warm spot in my heart for Sen. Tom Eagleton. Not only was Sen. Eagleton a fine senator for Missouri, he also played an important role in my brother’s adoption of a Vietnamese orphan in 1973. This was months after he was dropped by McGovern like an ugly puppy from McG’s ticket, who went on to lose in one of the worst political shellackings the Republic has ever seen.

Eagleton was a good man regardless of the fact that he had electroshock therapy, and I was quite happy when I recently came across his autograph that he had given my sister on a TWA flight in 1974. I have never quite forgiven McGovern for his stupidity in 1972, and everytime I’ve seen the old liberal get trotted out of his padded cell by the Democrats I remember what he did to his fellow senator from the Midwest.

Realclearpolitics is reporting that some leftist blogs are pushing for the One to ditch Biden from the ticket and substitute Hillary. I don’t think it’s very likely for several reasons, but especially because I don’t believe the clique around Obama really understands Obama’s failure to electrify the electorate as he has the mainstream media and Hollywood elite. You would think that with the press exposure and star-power behind him the election in November would simply be a formality on his way to his coronation in January; yet he’s running even in the polls.

 I also don’t see them as being able to roll over on their backs and show their bellies to Hillary Clinton, nor do I see HRC accepting the position. If the Obamassiah is in trouble, it’s in her best interest to let him sink beneath the waves and prepare herself for her coronation as the Democratic candidate in 2012.  

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