The True Minister of Propaganda

Media bias? What media bias?

This media bias.

US Magazine Obama vs Palin

No surprise since the man behind these covers is also behind this one…

Obama Rolling Stone 1

And this one…

Obama Rolling Stone 2

Jann Wenner.

Jann Wenner

Jann tends to take things personally. He’s kept the likes of Rush and Kiss out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because he dislikes their music. Jann can do this because he’s co-founded and is a vice-chairman of the Cleveland-based museum. It’s also possible that the Us cover serves another non-political purpose: the New York post reported in June that he’s interested in selling the magazine – and the bigger the circulation the more money he’ll make off it – and turning an inane gossip magazine into a political scandal sheet is bound to boost circulation.

Wenner Strikes Messiah Pose

Jann Wenner is proof that freedom of the press goes to anyone who owns the press. Using his formidable business empire to champion the Obama cause has pushed him into another role: the unofficial Minister of Propaganda for the Obama Machine.

Yet at the end of the day I still listen to Rush and Kiss on the radio and download their music, and US magazine is a mag the Wife flips through while in line at the grocery store but never buys (she usually purchases Vanity Fair). Jann Wenner might have his little empire but in the end Time will decide who deserves to be in the R&R HOF and whether the Obama will become president.

There’s nothing worse than aging hippies…

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