The Springfield XD40

Sometimes at the range I begin to wish that ammunition wasn’t so expensive because I want to stay and shoot for hours. Friday night was one of those nights when the Kid & I tried out the Springfield XD40. The Kid wanted to see what a bigger gun felt like, and one of the guys at the range recommended the XD40.

Springfield XD-40 - Courtesy

The gun is one of Springfield’s polymer pistol line and fires a .40 round.  I’m still trying to learn the differences between cartridges, calibers, and guns – which isn’t easy given the diversity of firearms at our disposal here in the USA. But had I not known that I was firing a bigger cartridge, I wouldn’t have known that I wasn’t firing a 9mm.

As Jack Knight notes in his excellent review of this weapon, the gun competes with Glock and fires much like a Glock. I liked this gun and felt that I could have shot it for at least an hour or two. Although firing a bigger round using a larger cartridge, I found this weapon kicked less than some of the 9’s we’ve shot. In fact neither the Kid nor I had much trouble keeping it under control while firing several consecutive rounds – and that says alot considering the trouble the Kid has had firing some of the 9’s. The mechanism was tight; the Kid had trouble pulling the slide back and loading the initial round; but I actually felt that it was appropriate. The gun has a drop safety which wasn’t a problem, and given the tight trigger wasn’t really needed in my opinion.

Overall this step up was a winner. If it wasn’t for the cost of rounds – 50% more than 9mm – this gun would become of our faves. But at $18 for 50 rounds, it’s easy to break the budget quickly firing this gun. For those wanting a more powerful weapon than a 9mm but are concerned about control, this gun is for you.

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  1. Chad:

    XD is a great concealed carry/police carry firearm. The 40s&w cartridge was created a few years back to take care of issues related to the 9mm not hacking it, but still not being full size like the .45 round. I think the 40s&w is what the FBI started using.

    Two more types of handguns await you. A 1911 type (you can get in .45 and 9mm) which is a simple, accurate, highly regarded handgun for so many reasons is one. And a wheelgun… you have to try a cowboy action style revolver. They’re so much fun! Try one that shoots .38 if you can.

  2. gogo:

    sorry abouth bad english…you said abouth springfiel armory look on wikipedia sa is a hs2000 modified for us market its a croatian gun and a very good gun i have one and its modifeid for me..bec. i work in police..

  3. Scott Kirwin:

    Thanks for the feedback. Since I’m looking to buy a handgun, I think I will consider this one.

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