Stupid Democrat Tricks

I came out of work this evening and found that someone had written the word “sucks” in permanent marker over my McCain bumper sticker. Since I’m a Red man living in a Blue state, I doubt it was a frustrated evangelical; it had to be a Democrat. After all, they aren’t known for their respect of private property.

I drove home, pulled out a can of acetone and a paper towel, and wiped the not-so-permanent-after-all marker off the sticker.

I fully expect this to not be the end of the matter. I already have a second McCain sticker in reserve and will order a third one as soon as the current one gets ripped off. Silly Democrat doesn’t realize that I don’t mind sending McCain’s campaign money; every sticker that he destroys only means more $$$ to McCain.

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  1. Chad:

    I have found that every time you see a car with an Obama sticker on it, back off. They are the worst drivers on the road.
    Also, you only see Obama stickers on things like the Lexus SUV I saw this morning weaving in and out of lanes not on a highway or interstate, but on a local road. Bastard.

  2. chris:

    only problem is, the next time, they might write the word sucks with a brick through the window instead…

    that’s the reason i don’t put any stickers save for an American flag on my car

  3. Scott Kirwin:

    True and I’ve given serious thought to doing that. But if I have to be afraid of something serious happening over a simple McCain ‘08 sticker then perhaps it’s time I took advantage of my state’s liberal CCW laws.

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