The Trouble with American Public Schools: Reason #29

Not only does the Kid’s elementary school have a “Positive Behavior Support Team Coordinator” it has at least two of them. I have their signatures on a letter notifying me that he was selected his homeroom’s “Student of the Month”. He’s a good kid and I’m happy he’s doing well; but is hiring a herd of “Positive Behavior Support Team Coordinator” really the best way of spending taxpayer dollars?

Is it just me or does the job title sound a wee bit Orwellian?

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  1. mgroves:

    Guess it goes back to incentives: because they are public, their incentive isn’t to compete, but rather to increase their budget. If a parent complains, they still pay unless they move. In a private school, I can yank my tuition right now and take it somewhere else. I think all troubles with public schools follow from that fundamental agency problem.

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