Harvard Commencement Speaker Advocates Killing Children

On June 6th, Zayed Yasin was set to deliver a speech entitled “Of Faith and Citizenship: My American Jihad,” at Harvard’s 2002 Commencement. According to MSNBC, Zayed received several complaints – including a death threat and even worse, Harvard student petition signed by over a thousand of his fellow classmates over his use of the term ‘Jihad‘. Amazingly enough to conservative critics of the institution, the petition and death threats were not protesting the omission of “...Against American Imperialism” that usually follow the term, but the term itself. The students thought the term inappropriate at a time when America is at war with Islamofascists who use the word regularly and with zeal.“Some people have a misunderstanding of jihad, and that is wrong but understandable given what has happened. I’m trying to reclaim the word for its true meaning, which is inner struggle, both for an individual to do right within oneself and externally for social justice,” Yasin states. He then adds that the term will appear in the speech itself.

Yasin, an Arab-American born in Chicago and raised in Boston hopes to work at a clinic in Pakistan before applying to medical school.While we at the Razor appaud his apparent nobility, there is more to the story than over-sensitivity.

What the mainstream media has not mentioned (according to Pat Collins in the National Review) but which the petition launched by his fellow Harvard students does, is that Yasin has been an outspoken supporter for the Hamas support group, Holy Land Foundation, sends money to the families of suicide bombers and has refused to denounce terror attacks perpetrated by the group, including the Passover attack that killed men, women and children. This is the real reason objection to his selection over 65 other applicants to stand at the podium.

Yet again Harvard has produced a self-absorbed young person who lacks the necessary skills to navigate his way through the “real world”, while at the same time providing fodder for those of us on the Right who want to see the place return to its sensible roots. The only good news with this guy is that he will soon be gone from the USA. By the time he wants to come back, the INS probably won’t let him back in.

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